“Jungle Cruise” will be released soon, and Disney+ will be launched simultaneously

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Dwayne Johnson’s “Jungle Cruise” will be released soon, and Disney+ will be launched simultaneously.

Recently, the Disneyland project adaptation of the adventure movie “Jungle Cruise” released an official trailer.

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The film, which was originally scheduled to be released on July 24 last year, was postponed to July 30 this year, and the simultaneous launch of Disney+ charges $29.9.

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The film is directed by Zomi Hilla and starred by Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. It tells the story of a treasure hunt in the Amazon rainforest.

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The background of the story is set during the Great Depression in the 1930s. The protagonist’s configuration is somewhat similar to “Pirates of the Caribbean”. It uses a selfish captain and a stubborn English rose to form a happy enemy.

“Jungle Cruise” is another film adapted from a classic game project in Disneyland after the successful “Pirates of the Caribbean” series and the “Tomorrowland” that hit the street.

“Jungle Cruise” is one of the oldest rides in Disneyland. Visitors can take a cruise across many different rivers.

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