Kristen Stewart: From Razzie Awards winner to Berlin jury chair, she has changed a long time ago

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The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival came to an end last weekend. For film fans, this year’s Berlin is particularly worth watching, and one of the major attractions is the chairman of the jury, Kristen Stewart.

From the official announcement when the crowd was in an uproar, to the launch of the ambiguous statement was ridiculed, self-controversial body, she has successfully earned a lot of topics for the festival.

Kristen Stewart: From Razzie Awards winner to Berlin jury chair, she has changed a long time ago | FMV6

But, that’s not really what Berlin chose her for.

Perhaps most people’s impression of Kristen Stewart is still stuck on those fixed labels – ‘The twilight saga’ actress, facepalm acting, scandal endless.

Outside of the court of public opinion, Kristen Stewart’s path as an actress has been widening over the years, but has always been overlooked.

Today we take this opportunity to talk about her changes and maybe you will get to know a different Kristen Stewart.

People’s prejudice against Kristen Stewart

Born in 1990, Kristen Stewart is 32 years old. This means that she is not only the youngest jury president in the history of Berlin International Film Festival, but also the first post-90s president of three major European film festivals.

However, such a supreme honor, without a major acting award by her side, has only attracted huge criticism for her.

This time, and Kristen Stewart at the same time as the judges, and we are more familiar with the favorite Du sir, to discuss seniority, competition works, it is obvious that the latter when this heavy responsibility.

Go further than that. Kristen Stewart stole the title of “Youngest President of Berlin” from Gong Li, who was 34 years old at the time.

Gong Li won the Best Actress award at the Venice Film Festival at the age of 27 for ‘The Story of Qiu-Ju’, and has also been featured in ‘Lifetimes’, ‘Red Sorghum’ and ‘Farewell My Concubine’, making her internationally acclaimed.

The gap between the predecessors is so large that it is almost not comparable, and it is no wonder that some people question Kristen Stewart “too watery”.

In fact, Berlin International Film Festival is pushing the envelope with this one, like never before.

Not only does it refer to Kristen Stewart, but it also uses the unprecedented combination of “5 women and 2 men” in its judging panel to show its concern and support for female creators.

Kristen Stewart: From Razzie Awards winner to Berlin jury chair, she has changed a long time ago | FMV6

In an interview, the director of the film said that the reason for choosing Kristen Stewart was to recognize her personality and spirit as a young actress, which is in line with “the values of the Berlin International Film Festival now”.

As for what kind of values, Kristen Stewart’s own understanding is to break down prejudices.

After more than 20 years in the business and more than 50 films, she can never avoid ‘The twilight saga’ as her most impressive work and role.

The movie, which was a worldwide hit, successfully propelled her to the top of Hollywood at the time and made her nominated for the Razzie Awards for four years in a row, with the reputation of being a “bad actress”.

In addition, Mary Sue’s image as a heroine has become popular, and the outside world always sees her as an “ignorant and brainless” flow actress.

So, after waving goodbye to ‘The twilight saga’, she seems to be trying to break these prejudices with every life choice she makes.

The rebellious transformation of the release of self, the same sex scandal that affected her career, the frequent performance of European low budget art films …… which did not keep her away from the mainstream vision of Hollywood, but also allowed her to gradually break into a higher temple of film art.

In 2018, Kristen Stewart served on the jury of the Cannes International Film Festival. Last year, she was nominated for her first Oscar for the Diana Frances Spencer biopic ‘Spencer’.

Kristen Stewart, over the years, has long stepped through the shackles of her body and continues to exceed the expectations of the audience. Some media even began to say that today she is an actress who can represent this era.

Kristen Stewart’s journey of transformation as an actress

Kristen Stewart: From Razzie Awards winner to Berlin jury chair, she has changed a long time ago | FMV6

A cold knowledge that even fans are almost forgetting, this year is the 15th anniversary of the release of ‘The twilight saga’. In these 15 years, the real opportunity for her to start her transformation came from her acquaintance with a director.

In 2012, ‘The twilight saga’ series was completely finished. At that stage, Kristen Stewart’s image hit rock bottom due to the negative press.

In 2014, she traveled far away from home for the opportunity to star in French director Olivier Assayas’ ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’.

Kristen Stewart: From Razzie Awards winner to Berlin jury chair, she has changed a long time ago | FMV6

In the film, she co-stars with French actress Juliette Binoche as the actress’ assistant, and the two have a lot of scenes together and a playful relationship.

Breaking through the framework of her previous image, Kristen Stewart had the rare opportunity to complete the presentation of her character’s complex emotions with an introspective performance.

This won her the César Awards for Best Supporting Actress, and was the first American actress to win the award in record time.

Later, Assayas went on to customize ‘Personal Shopper’ for her and took it to Cannes. The film eventually won the Best Director award and Kristen Stewart’s performance was again in the international spotlight on the Cannes stage.

When you meet a good director, actors take on new life and power, just like Kristen Stewart and Assayas’ relationship.

In Assayas’ opinion, Kristen Stewart’s performance has a natural “richness”, or “afterthought”.

This is not necessary for a fast-paced, simple straight-giving commercial film. Thankfully, Kristen Stewart was uncovered to deep acting ability during their collaboration.

This is how she fell in love with French cinema and reacquainted herself with the art of cinema.

At the same time, she began to find her new direction as an actress by targeting French actresses such as Juliette Binoche and Isabelle Huppert.

Since then, she has worked with such well-known art-house directors as Woody Allen (‘Café Society’), Ang Lee (‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’), David Cronenberg (‘Crimes of the Future ‘) and other well-known art film directors, and does not mind the size of her roles.

At least, none of these roles are repetitive and faceless, infinitely broadening her boundaries as an actress.

On the other hand, she is also trying her hand at creating her own films.

Kristen Stewart: From Razzie Awards winner to Berlin jury chair, she has changed a long time ago | FMV6

In 2017, Kristen Stewart personally directed a 17-minute experimental short film ‘Come Swim’, which is quite Assayas-esque in its video style and has a decent finish.

Another feature film, ‘The Chronology of Water’, which she wrote and directed, is always on the drawing board.

The story is based on a female memoir about a swimmer-turned-artist, dealing with a variety of issues such as sex, violence and drugs, and is clearly a subject that could impact the Big Three.

Kristen Stewart, who will transform from an actress to a female director in the future, is also worth waiting for.

Kristen Stewart’s battle

Kristen Stewart’s transformation is not really an inspirational story of a flow icon trying to transform into a powerhouse. Because, her popularity is a “disaster”.

Rewind back to before ‘The twilight saga’, when 18-year-old Kristen Stewart had been acting for almost a decade, and most of them were niche literary films.

Born into an acting family, she wanted to be an actress since she was a child, so she started acting at the age of 8, and was happy to do so even if she never became popular.

Kristen Stewart: From Razzie Awards winner to Berlin jury chair, she has changed a long time ago | FMV6

When I first approached ‘The twilight saga’, it was just an independent film project that couldn’t even get funding.

Kristen Stewart and the lead actor Robert Pattinson follow the performance model of an independent film to present the emotional entanglement inside.

As a result, after the release, it exceeded all expectations burst fire, followed by the strong involvement of capital, keep remaking sequels, directly into a dog’s blood superficial story.

For Kristen Stewart personally, for a long time, the price of overnight fame was a life stirred up in chaos and an actor’s path to infamy.

Never before under the spotlight, all sorts of misconceptions and stereotypes are left irrefutable. Just as she says she likes to read Jack Kerouac’s classic ‘On the Road’, she is also mocked by the amplified media.

If you read Kristen Stewart’s interviews, you will find that she is not actually an actress with an empty head and no ideas, including reading as just her daily behavior.

The story later, as we all know, after sinking for a bunch of time, Kristen Stewart became even more mischievous and reckless, using her personality and rebellion to probe the bottom line of Hollywood’s tolerance.

During those years, the scandal hung in the global headlines every day, drawing 11 tweets in a row from Trump.

However, she still acts like a laborer under the least expectation. At the most, she can have 6 movies a year to meet the audience.

Kristen Stewart: From Razzie Awards winner to Berlin jury chair, she has changed a long time ago | FMV6

Until now, the controversy about Kristen Stewart has never completely ended, but at least she has come up with more and more masterpieces outside of ‘The twilight saga’.

Against questions and pressure, she cut her hair short to play Jean Seberg, the goddess of the French New Wave, and portrayed Diana, a princess with a very different temperament from herself, and will next challenge Susan Sontag, a famous American female scholar and writer ……

Objectively speaking, Kristen Stewart’s acting skills have not yet reached the point of pure and error-free, and sometimes she is not able to master the role perfectly, which is the reason why she has not been able to participate in the acting awards.

However, judging from the major roles she later enthusiastically played, she was either a pioneering woman or a legendary symbol, all of them were full of energetic female figures.

Rather than using this to play her acting skills, she is fighting with her role and her work.

Kristen Stewart: From Razzie Awards winner to Berlin jury chair, she has changed a long time ago | FMV6

Isn’t that the key to her longevity as an actress, to stay true to herself and to break through?

Don’t forget, Kristen Stewart is 32 years old, still the right age for an actress. Wait and see, time is always in no hurry to give its answer.

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