TV Series

“What If…? Season 1”: The sense of fragmentation is too heavy, IGN final score: 6 points

IGN today (October 8) released the final rating of the Marvel animation “What If…? Season 1”. IGN film critics believe that “What If…? Season 1” has opened up a very creative perspective. Although “What If…? Season 1” is very creative, this animated series also has many problems. Its drama series structure is very weird, inconsistent […]

“Squid Game”: One, two, three, wooden people, you will die if you are caught

This new drama is called “Squid Game”(오징어 게임), produced by Netflix, starring Jung-jae Lee, Hae-soo Park, Yoo Gong, Seong-tae Heo, Ha-joon Wi, etc. It is the top cast of Korean dramas. “Squid Game” was broadcast on September 17, and 9 episodes of the whole series were released at once. In recent years, Netflix has presented […]


O.J.:Made in America

This series of 5-episode documentary films brought the famous rugby player O.J. Simpson’s wife murder case that shocked the nation in the last century on the screen. It not only reviewed the history of the black civil rights movement in the United States and Simpson’s unknown growth experience and road to fame. Analyzing the deep-seated […]

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Born in 1925, おのじろう is the oldest Michelin three-star chef in the world and is known as the “God of Sushi”. Throughout his life, he has been holding sushi, and he will always ask himself and his apprentices to the highest standards, observe the dining conditions of the guests and fine-tune the sushi to ensure […]