Inventory of Hollywood animations released in the second half of the year
“Spencer”:There are so many film and television works related to Diana, what is the difference in the film?
9 best films in 2021, only one is not an American film
What kind of story does Ridley Scott’s “The Last Duel” tell?
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TV Series

“Cowboy Bebop” Review: It does not imitate the soul of the original

Even if there is an amnestic gun in the world that can remove all my amnestics about the original animation of “Cowboy Bebop”, I would still say that this is a series that is on the pass line with few highlights. Not to mention that the excellent original work is right in front of you, […]

“Dopesick”: The debunked American “magic drug”, Oxycontin

“Dopesick”, an 8-episode limited series recently launched by Hulu. “Dopesick” tells the story of the worst drug epidemic in American history and the biggest medical scandal of this century. The protagonist is Oxycontin, which is known as “village heroin”. Oxycontin, it was once the best-selling pain reliever on the market. It is used to relieve […]


O.J.:Made in America

This series of 5-episode documentary films brought the famous rugby player O.J. Simpson’s wife murder case that shocked the nation in the last century on the screen. It not only reviewed the history of the black civil rights movement in the United States and Simpson’s unknown growth experience and road to fame. Analyzing the deep-seated […]

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Born in 1925, おのじろう is the oldest Michelin three-star chef in the world and is known as the “God of Sushi”. Throughout his life, he has been holding sushi, and he will always ask himself and his apprentices to the highest standards, observe the dining conditions of the guests and fine-tune the sushi to ensure […]

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