“Shang-Chi” boosts market confidence,
and Hollywood films gather in autumn and winter
Inventory of Hollywood animations released in the second half of the year
“Venom: Let There Be Carnage” 15 plot stingers
The Annual Sci-Fic Blockbuster “Dune”, Hardcore Science Is Coming
“007: No Time to Die”: 20 things you need to know about 007
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TV Series

“The Witcher” Season 1: When you face your destiny, choices are more important than arrangements

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” won TGA2015’s best game of the year with its excellent game quality and depth of exploration. Out of their love for the protagonist Geralt, the players used the settings in the game to create a lot of stalks and prestige to “sing” his deeds. For example, the champion of the […]

“The Queen’s Gambit”: The genius girl conquered the chess world, and Anya Taylor-Joy conquered the audience

“The Queen’s Gambit” is a Netflix miniseries about chess players. Regardless of how much the audience knows about chess, after all, chess-themed works in the film world are not so common. Therefore, on the Netflix platform, which is as deep as the sea, the audience seems not to choose this mini-series starring the magical girl […]


O.J.:Made in America

This series of 5-episode documentary films brought the famous rugby player O.J. Simpson’s wife murder case that shocked the nation in the last century on the screen. It not only reviewed the history of the black civil rights movement in the United States and Simpson’s unknown growth experience and road to fame. Analyzing the deep-seated […]

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Born in 1925, おのじろう is the oldest Michelin three-star chef in the world and is known as the “God of Sushi”. Throughout his life, he has been holding sushi, and he will always ask himself and his apprentices to the highest standards, observe the dining conditions of the guests and fine-tune the sushi to ensure […]

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