“Turning Red” review: A story about an amazing transformation

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“Turning Red” is an animated film produced by Pixar, directed by Domee Shi and voiced by Rosalie Chiang and Sandra Oh, and will be released in North America on March 11, 2022.

Turning red may mean that the protagonist will become a red bear, will become angry during the rebellious period of youth, and the body will change.

"Turning Red" review: A story about an amazing transformation

The content of “Turning Red” is about the physical and psychological changes of girls during adolescence, as well as the confrontation and contradiction between them and their families during the whole process, especially after the protagonist Xiaomei entered adolescence, showing a strong rebellious mentality , began to alienate their parents, how to resolve conflicts between the two generations, and how parents should adjust their mentality, it is easy for audiences who grew up in Chinese families to feel the same.

“The bondage in the name of love, and the final reconciliation in the name of love” is the main theme of this movie from beginning to end. We have all experienced the rebellious period and recall the rebellious period. This is also a phased portrayal of life, and this is also One of the joys in life is also a period of youth we have gone through.

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A decent family movie. But now the trend of domestic online public opinion is anti-Western, every time it is a metaphor, every time it is a diode, it is black and white.

"Turning Red" review: A story about an amazing transformation

The “Red” in “Turning Red” has become the best interpretation of the whole film. It not only represents that the heroine Meimei will transform into a red panda when she is excited, red also represents the color of anger, and it also implies that a woman’s first menstruation The embarrassment and panic at the time of coming, a deeper level is a metaphor representing the arrival of adolescence.

How to control the ups and downs of emotions, the preliminary exploration of love and sex, how to accept and understand yourself while in a hurry, and rely on the mutual support of friends to gain incomparable confidence and strength.

The first half of the “Turning Red” story was thought to be simply describing the parent-child crisis of Meimei’s adolescence.

"Turning Red" review: A story about an amazing transformation

But in the middle and later stages, I realized that it was Meimei’s mother Li Mingcai who was really in crisis. Li Ming’s relationship with his grandmother was like Meimei’s relationship with Li Ming. Li Ming’s fear and fear of his grandmother made Li Ming feel Invisibly replicate this dangerous mother-daughter relationship to the next generation.

They all tried to be perfect, and were committed to doing the best things that their mother told them, but they were always unable to get the praise and approval of their mother. Emotional matters cause the discord between mother and daughter.

"Turning Red" review: A story about an amazing transformation

The mother and daughter, who had been quarreling with each other, even fought because of their disagreement. When they thought that the scene had gotten out of control and was completely irreversible, the mother Li Ming was suddenly hit by her daughter Meimei, and fell back on the spot and fainted. , which is also a key turning point in their great reconciliation.

Because it is at stake for the safety of life, it awakens the emotions of blood in the depths of the heart, and allows love to conquer anger in an instant. Isn’t this a portrayal of the breakdown of parent-child relationships in many families today?

"Turning Red" review: A story about an amazing transformation

It’s just that this “fainting” in the real world may not be able to go smoothly. Many disputes and discords between children and their parents are only after one party collapses first, only to realize that the other party is out of good intentions. There is no need to lose the time when we can get along well with each other in order to fight for that breath, and regret it after it is really lost.

“Turning Red” is one of the must-see movies of 2022.

The presentation of the rhythm is very brisk, and the atmosphere of the entertainment level is even more climaxing. It achieves a beautiful metaphor through the concept of red panda.

In the latter part of the story, the surging fighting scenes, such as transformation, joint combo, mid-air collision, jumping, etc., flexibly use the characteristics of the red panda in his body to make the final climax drama too hot!

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