‘The Bad Guys’ Review: It’s Never Too Late to Change for the Good

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The movie “The Bad Guys” shows how a group of animal villains discovered their conscience and decided to recreate their experience as human beings.

The background of the story is that gray wolves, spiders, sharks, piranhas, and snakes form a criminal team “The Bad Guys”.

One day, their attempt to steal a golden trophy failed unexpectedly, and they were supposed to go to jail from now on, but the famous guinea pig “Professor Marmalade” proposed giving them a chance to reform and suspend their imprisonment.

'The Bad Guys' Review: It's Never Too Late to Change for the Good

The Bad Guys leader Grey Wolf originally just wanted to pretend to agree, but in the process of pretending to be a good person, he found that he found unprecedented happiness, which also contributed to the opportunity for The Bad Guys to transform into a good person.

Although this film is an animated film, it is still a success in terms of “casting”. Wolves, spiders, piranhas, sharks, and snakes are all creatures that have long been given negative images, and are often portrayed as villains. The Bad Guys they form is naturally very convincing in terms of character settings.

At the same time, these key characters can also be said to have their own characteristics. Spiders have hacking skills, sharks are proficient in disguise, snakes are good at unlocking, piranhas can fart, etc., which can make them interesting since their debut. Shaped enough to leave enough impression.

The failed burglary has a lot to offer

The Bad Guys’ decision to steal a high-value trophy is the highlight of the first half of the film, and this scene also gives the film a spy movie-like color. Each animal has its own role, each has a different task, and it also allows the plan to be executed. The plays are unique.

For example, piranhas and snakes use their own species conditions to lurk or act in specific places; sharks use their cross-dressing skills, and even show their improvisation skills by pretending to be pregnant women. Many oriented arrangements can effectively render entertainment.

'The Bad Guys' Review: It's Never Too Late to Change for the Good

Some aspects of the process are closely related to the purpose of the story. For example, in the process of being a pickpocket, the gray wolf accidentally did a good deed to help the old lady, and the inspiration and positive feelings obtained from it are for him. It can be said that it has never been seen before, and it plays an important role in paving the way for the development of the plot and the growth of the characters.

It is an expected development that the theft encounters Waterloo, but the actual process still has certain twists and turns. In the process, it is enough to effectively increase the dramatic tension and ensure the entertainment of the movie through the plot routine of “plans can’t keep up with changes”.

In addition, the drama of the female governor, Diane, not only fully shows the image of a shrewd strong woman, but its rivalry with the Grey Wolf is more than enough to create a texture in the literary drama, which provides an extremely accurate evaluation and definition for The Bad Guys. To some extent, it is complemented by the failure of the theft operation.

'The Bad Guys' Review: It's Never Too Late to Change for the Good

Professor Guinea Marmalade’s proposal to transform The Bad Guys into good guys is an important turning point for the film.

The Bad Guys, of course, started out with a conspiracy and wasn’t genuinely willing to accept a makeover.

However, the process of trying to play and cooperate is still enough to show that freezing three feet is not a day’s cold, and being a good person can be a difficult challenge for them. Such experience-oriented try to share items, help old ladies cross the road, and rescue trapped people. Plays such as kittens are enough to highlight different characteristics.

Trying to rescue many guinea pigs can create entertainment and twists through the gluttony of snakes, and play a certain role in laying the groundwork for the future story, becoming a successful story episode.

'The Bad Guys' Review: It's Never Too Late to Change for the Good

The growth of the gray wolf becomes the key to the plot

Bad Guys has experienced the joy of being a good guy for the first time since his failed burglary, and it has naturally played a leading role in the growth of The Bad Guys since then. The previous failed cat rescue operation has become an excellent opportunity to shape the growth curve of the character. In the process, the gray wolf can learn to show the tender side and make the sublimation of the character appear convincing.

Whether the other members of The Bad Guys can keep up with the wolf is a very real question, and such aspects are solidly portrayed in its confrontation with the snake, allowing the story to bury potential variables and conflicts.

The holding of a dinner event can be called a small climax in the film-making process. The positioning of this drama can be combined with the entanglement of Gray Wolf in personal growth. On the one hand, he wants to lead his teammates to take advantage of the dinner party to regain his old business, but on the other hand, he hopes to be praised and recognized by the world.

'The Bad Guys' Review: It's Never Too Late to Change for the Good

This kind of contradiction and conflict is effectively interpreted in the process of the play, which not only makes the process of the task a highlight, but also makes the rendering of the positive atmosphere an important aspect. As far as the final direction is concerned, it is also enough for the gray wolf to grow in stages, which is convincing.

The highlight of the dinner scene is not only the personal choice of Grey Wolf, but also includes major turning points. The occurrence of an event can create a certain flipping effect, causing a major change in the fate of The Bad Guys and making the real villain of the film official. On the stage, under the background of “knowing people, knowing faces, but not hearts”, it shows the rationality of the plot trend.

The laying out of the drama also makes The Bad Guys fight against the real villains, becoming the highlight of the second half of the film, and has the color of a war between good and evil.

Grey Wolf is eager to wash his hands and be a new person, which naturally brings a major dispute to The Bad Guys.

The film’s depiction of such scenes has a reasonable texture. On the one hand, it creates a major conflict between the characters and highlights the real problems; In the corner of the gray wolf, and the small details laid out before can be used to make the growth of the character more convincing.

In addition to the further transformation of The Bad Guys, the second half of the movie also made the supporting actress Governor Diane a new highlight.

'The Bad Guys' Review: It's Never Too Late to Change for the Good

Diane’s current character appearance has become richer and fuller with the blessing of the plot twist, and the character’s highlights are no longer limited to literary dramas and rival dramas, but also include the aspect of martial arts dramas, which can make “The Bad Guys” more exciting. Many action movie elements add color to the work.

In the future battle of good and evil, the scene shaping of this film can show an excellent level.

The confrontation on the road and the personal abilities of some characters can improve the viewing experience of the movie; the guinea pig elements laid out before have become an excellent element for creating scenes.

The choice of characters becomes the highlight of the story

The focus of the final climax is not limited to the battle, but also includes the choice of characters. The key choice of the gray wolf can demonstrate the virtue of friendship; the personal choice of the snake has the excellent effect of plot reversal and makes the villain lose in the end. It seems logical, and it has become a wonderful stroke in the plot arrangement.

As far as the ending is concerned, The Bad Guys’ major decision has further sublimated their character growth and transformed them into an alliance of good guys, which ensures the positive meaning of the story.

The adventures of a good man and a gentleman are certainly the mainstream of film and television works, but “The Bad Guys” proves that the gradual transformation of negative characters into positive characters can also become a plot aspect worthy of characterization. In addition to conforming to universal values, further Enrich the genre of the film’s story.

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