“You Are Umasou”: A very warm film about growth

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The family affection in “You Are Umasou” (おまえ うまそうだな) is very sincere. It is expressed naturally through the story of dinosaurs, and the pictures are also very beautiful. It is a very warm movie about growth…

The colorful fruits and forests in childhood were surrounded by inexplicable cyan dinosaurs when lost.

The plain where you can eat meat happily is golden.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

The pink and orange armor of the little ankylosaurus is really strange.

I don’t know why the surroundings became dark when he faced his father.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

The sky was so clear when he met his lover.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

When he said goodbye to his mother, the white snow was falling…

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

Well, thank you mom for letting me come to this colorful world.

The dinosaurs in this anime are very cute.

The protagonist Heart is a carnivorous dinosaur, but was adopted by a herbivorous dinosaur by accident.

Mother dinosaurs love their children very much. Carnivorous dinosaurs get along with their mother and brother very happily, but their nature cannot be changed.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

Heart’s carnivorous nature was gradually exposed as he grew older. He chose to leave the living environment of the herbivorous dinosaur he grew up in…

On the way to growing up, there are always some setbacks and hardships, and Heart has gradually become the most powerful dinosaur…

One day, the protagonist, Heart, accidentally picked up a herbivorous dinosaur, a baby that just broke out of its shell, and he mistakenly regarded Heart as his “dad”.

And Heart said “You Are Umasou” the first time I saw it, and then the little dinosaur’s name became “Umasou”.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

The little dinosaur grew up with Heart.

One day the environment changed suddenly. When they were about to leave, Heart met his mother again. This episode was very touching.

The mother dinosaur still loves Heart, and the maternal love is well expressed here.

I’ve seen an animated post shared by others before. It is well-made, so detailed that even the subtle shadows are presented one by one. It is simply an avatar in the animation industry.

Compared with it, the production of “You Are Umasou” is a lot rougher.

The content of “You Are Umasou” is also very simple, a typical child model.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

If you want to instill the greatness of father’s love and mother’s love in a little child, just show them this.

Children over three years old should be able to understand “You Are Umasou”.

However, even with such a naive thing, I still cried.

Little Ankylosaurus ran desperately to be with Heart, and Heart slowly chased after it.

I ran away in tears when I saw this, because I guessed that Heart would eventually stop and go in the opposite direction.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

The child is really a lie. The little Ankylosaurus hummed and ran hard, but didn’t know that this was a farewell set long ago.

The dying Gonza took the last taunt, and said to Xiao Ankylosaurus like a secret: “He is not your father at all.”

The little Ankylosaurus who had been hiding behind Heart replied loudly and calmly: “I know, I’m not a kid. But my father is my father.”

I suddenly felt that “You Are Umasou” does not seem to be just a story about family relationships.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

Whether it’s Heart’s mother or Heart, or this little ankylosaurus that has been clinging to Heart since birth, they have no blood relatives.

Inherent carnivorous and herbivorous genes determine that they should actually be hostile.

However, they are mixed together by fate.

They experience trust and being trusted, relying on and being relied on.

When Heart was called by the excited little Ankylosaurus as his father, it looked shocked and helpless.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

When the little Ankylosaurus fainted due to being bullied, Heart looked furious.

Dreaming of her mother being eaten by herself, Heart suddenly awoke and screamed loudly…

Little by little, I gradually like this silly, silly, and strange-eyed Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Japanese are always particularly good at healing things of this kind of series.

Hayao Miyazaki’s animated series, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, かもめ食堂, しんやしょくどう…

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

It’s obviously a simple plot, and they always have a way to make it like a warm spring, gently combing the audience’s impetuous and noisy mood.

When “Umasou” went out to pick the fruit, he was caught by the blue phosphorous dragon. In order to protect “Umasou”, Heart blocked the wound with his body.

Looking at the wound on his body, Heart felt very painful, even more painful than the wound on his body.

After listening to this passage, I felt that Heart did not fully accept him when he first adopted “Umasou”.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

But he was scratched by other dragons for a herbivorous dragon, and his reputation was greatly damaged, which made Heart feel unwilling to the shame he suffered.

There is also such a paragraph in the story: “Umasou” ran up the hill in order to keep Heart by his side.

However, Heart himself secretly took a bite of a fruit picked by “Umasou”, and ran away with tears in his eyes.

In fact, Heart has already accepted the son “Umasou”, and “Umasou” has also accepted the father.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

But one of them is a docile herbivorous dinosaur, and the other is a grumpy carnivorous dinosaur. They cannot be together forever.

Heart only realized when he was separated: he was leaving his son.

There is a seed of love in everyone’s heart, even the rough Tyrannosaurus rex.

Before encountering the little ankylosaurus, Heart’s fierce appearance was actually wrapped in a lonely heart.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

After meeting Little Ankylosaurus, Little Ankylosaurus’s infinite trust in “Dad”, sincere care and incomparable pride, let the “seeds of love” buried in the hard “soil” by Heart germinate.

Although it has lost the “delicious” taste, Heart has tasted the taste of being loved. Because someone is in love, he is no longer alone.

The days together were a happy time for both of them.

When Heart was young, he cried because Light said that he was different from his brother and mother. Several episodes made me laugh.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

Even if you are not of the same kind, when you are in a certain ethnic group, you naturally want to be recognized by the people around you, and no one wants to be a different kind.

Heart said that she didn’t know how her mother raised herself at the time.

Heart is doing the same thing for Umasou.

Umasou wanted to eat with his dad and he went far away to pick red fruits and was scolded worriedly by Heart. Then he rolled over and rolled on the ground.

When Heart told Umasou that you could never become like your father and decided to race against Umasou, Umasou worked hard to keep running forward.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

Heart attacked them because Gonza touched the existence of his precious treasure, and was expelled from the grassland by his biological father.

Gonza and his peers didn’t understand why Heart bit his tail for Light at first, but later he also hurt himself for Umasou.

Baku expelled Heart for the sake of ethnic rules, but when the Egg Mountain was about to erupt, he knew that Heart was heading to the Egg Mountain and still chased him without worry.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

Baku told Heart that if you want to protect the precious things that belong to you, you have to spend your life in exchange for them.

Although Baku and Heart only met a few times, he tried to be a father every time.

So in the end Heart, you become stronger.

"You Are Umasou": A very warm film about growth

You help me tell him that if next time, forget it, don’t see you again.

After watching this movie, I think it’s okay.

Under the emotional baseline, use dinosaurs to describe the friendship between humans.

The advantage of cartoons is that they can express human emotions with things that are not in the real world.

As long as it makes sense emotionally, there is no need to consider the logic of the tiger giving birth to a mouse.

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