Marvel’s upcoming multiverse villain


Marvel’s upcoming multiverse villain, Loki has multiple versions, and Spider-Man’s rivals are also here.

The fourth stage of Marvel is mainly characterized by the multiverse.

For example, the upcoming series “Loki”, “Doctor Strange: Crazy Multiverse”, and even “Ant-Man 3”.

The multiverse story brings infinite possibilities to the Marvel story. In addition to the story beyond imagination, the debut of new characters is also the most anticipated by fans.

This includes superheroes, and of course there are some extremely powerful and classic villains. So, what are the villains from the multiverse?

Other versions of the villain Loki

The series “Loki” will contain a lot of time travel. Loki took the universe cube and escaped, but inadvertently disrupted the timeline, resulting in the birth of multiple timelines.

What happens in these universes is very different from the universe, and even the characters will change.

The current news is that there will be multiple versions of Loki in the series, which may include young Loki, female Loki, and king Loki, etc. One or more of them are more evil than Loki in the main universe.

The trailer also left some clues. For example, in a timeline, Loki defeated the Avengers, and there is also the female Loki, who may bring disasters we can’t imagine.

The old version of Spider-Man villain

“Spider-Man: Homeless Hero” will bring us many classic characters. Toby Spider-Man and Garfield Spider-Man have not yet been determined, but the appearance of some villains is no longer a secret.

Likewise, they all come from the multiverse.

Including Norman Osborn played by William Dafoe, Dr. Octopus played by Alfred Molina, and the electric man played by Jamie Fox. Some of them may reside in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It has been revealed that Marvel will explore the role of Norman Osborne in depth, and this version of Osborne will also have some changes.

On the surface, he doesn’t look evil, he often does charity, and he is also a big benefactor of the Avengers.

This is just the beginning, and Norman Osborne finally became the Green Goblin, which may require several movies to set the stage.

In addition, Doctor Octopus may also appear in more Marvel movies.


“Doctor Strange 2” will bring us several powerful superheroes, including Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Wang, Mordor, American Chavez, and even Voodoo Doctor and Klee.

The superhero lineup is so luxurious, it also proves the strength of the villain.

It has been determined that the Marvel villain beholder will appear in “Doctor Strange 2”, a cosmic super villain from the multiverse.

He mainly feeds on fear. In the original Marvel, Doctor Strange is forced to kill Gu Yi Mage. You might imagine how terrifying he would be!


The villain of “Ant-Man 3” has also been determined, that is, Conqueror Kang played by Jonathan Majors, a super villain from the future timeline.

It is said that he was hiding in the quantum city that appeared in “Ant-Man 2.” Kang, the conqueror, did many bad things through constant time travel.

Because he has the high-tech weapons of the future timeline, it is almost impossible for superheroes like Ant-Man to defeat Kang the Conqueror.

So the movie may also bring the Fantastic Four in the multiverse.

In addition, there is also news that Kang the Conqueror is likely to make an early appearance in “Loki”, and he is probably the manipulator behind the Time Authority.

Of course, the above villains may be only a part, the story of the multiverse is unimaginable.

Maybe Marvel still hides such more characters for us. Let’s look forward to their arrival together!

Well, the above is some of the situation of the multiverse villain in Marvel’s fourth stage, so what do you think are there?

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