The new version of “Hellraiser” is rated R, Will Be Directed by David Bruckner


The reboot ‘Hellraiser’, which has been in the works for a long time, has a whole new dynamic. The film has been given a restricted rating. The reason for this is the “vicious display of blood and violence” and “nudity”.

The new version of "Hellraiser" is rated R, Will Be Directed by David Bruckner | FMV6

In addition, the film’s director has also been revealed, David Bruckner will be directing.

David Bruckner has directed ‘V/H/S’, ‘The Night House’ and other horror films, and is considered a veteran of the business.

Clive Barker brought his first horror thriller ‘Hellraiser’ to the big screen.

The story is centered on a box that opens the gates of hell as the core of the series, and its popularity has led to several sequels. Clive Barker is one of the few people who have made the transition from novelist to director.

The original film was made in a total of nine films, although mixed reviews, but without exception, all have won the hearts of horror film fans.

In fact, along with the remake and reboot boom of Stephen King’s work, the 1980s horror film, too, got a turnaround.

Universal Pictures’ uncertain future in the dark universe, with a large number of remakes of horror films, seems to herald a golden age of horror films, is coming.

At present, the new version of ‘Hellraiser’ does not yet have a specific release schedule.

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