“Jungle Cruise”: A promotional video for the Disneyland project

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As far as the money is not bad, it belongs to Disney. Originally, I thought Disney was going to shoot “Jungle Cruise” for a whole series.

But judging from the finished product, it is really just to promote the park project “Jungle Cruise”.

The plot is closely related to the Disneyland project. If you have been to Disneyland like me, then watching this movie, you will definitely have a familiar feeling of deja vu.

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Because the plot development of the movie is exactly the same as the content of the Disneyland project “Jungle Cruise”.

"Jungle Cruise": A promotional video for the Disneyland project

But this is not enough. At the beginning of the movie, an abbreviated version of “Jungle Cruise” is set up for everyone.

Directed by Dashi Johnson, follow the order of attractions in Disneyland’s “Jungle Cruise”, take everyone on a boat ride, and then start the real story.

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But this real plot also slipped the content of “Jungle Cruise” again.

"Jungle Cruise": A promotional video for the Disneyland project

It’s just that you bought a movie ticket for a single project. In order to make you feel worth it, Dwayne Johnson and the heroine will show you an adventure story along the way.

Stop at every important scenic spot to unfold the storyline.

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High energy ahead, detailed spoilers.

For everyone to compare the park project with the movie, the important attractions you will experience include:

  1. A place to watch wild animals.

In the movie, this is set as the place where the adventure begins, and you will meet the big boss to chase after it, which is the small climax of the whole play.

"Jungle Cruise": A promotional video for the Disneyland project
  1. There are many places with piranha and wild spiders.

When you get here, the narrator will beckon everyone to look at the various hideous creatures on the shore.

In the movie, the three-person adventure team here saw a variety of beautiful scenery and fan dolphins.

"Jungle Cruise": A promotional video for the Disneyland project
  1. Places with vortex rapids

When Disney goes to this place, there will be a suspected huge wave in the water, and then the captain will turn the bow quickly.

"Jungle Cruise": A promotional video for the Disneyland project

In the movie, this part is also a small climax, showing Dashi Johnson’s shipbuilding skills.

  1. There are headhunters

When it comes to the headhunters, the narrator will signal everyone to silence. It’s a particularly atmospheric journey.

In the movie, this part is the turning point of the whole show. The three-person expedition team meets the boss trio who is cursed by magic.

"Jungle Cruise": A promotional video for the Disneyland project

Dwayne Johnson has completed his status transition from captain Amazon to immortal warrior.

  1. The junction of water and fire

This place stays for a long time, and the narrator will beckon everyone to watch the wonders of the two heavens.

In the movie, this part was set as the largest level in the whole film, and it was changed to find Christmas flowers.

"Jungle Cruise": A promotional video for the Disneyland project

Finally completed here to destroy the boss group, the beauty to save the hero, and the hanppy end.

After reading my comparison, anyone who has been to Disneyland can find that the movie is the extended version of the introduction film of the “Jungle Cruise” project?

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Unfold the story at every scenic spot where you should stop, and dutifully create jokes where jokes should appear.

"Jungle Cruise": A promotional video for the Disneyland project

From the point of view of the project video, the task was indeed successfully completed.

The problem is that the audience did not buy the movie tickets to watch the Disneyland promotional film.

There are really no surprises or surprises in the plot.

Do what it should do in every place you can expect, without a trace of innovation, special popcorn and assembly line.

People over the age of twelve years old won’t be too touched, and there are not many people laughing in the cinema.

To say that the biggest highlight of the movie is probably that it has fully kept up with the pace of the times, continued to advance on the road of feminism, and created a new era of Disney princesses.

"Jungle Cruise": A promotional video for the Disneyland project

The core of the story keeps pace with the times

As we all know, the traditional fairy tales of Disney’s story are the stories of the princess waiting for the prince in “Grim’s Fairy Tales”.

In recent years, the voice of feminism is very high, so Disney keeps pace with the times, and the princesses are self-reliant.

Not only do they not need the prince to save (such as “Frozen”), they can also abduct the prince (such as “Toy Story”), or just engage in business and not fall in love (such as “Mulan”).

This “Jungle Cruise” is also full of characteristics of the times.

The heroine played by Emily Blunt is a female doctor, who not only has academic qualifications and beauty, but also has the courage to despise worldly views and pursue her dreams.

"Jungle Cruise": A promotional video for the Disneyland project

On the surface, she hired Dwayne Johnson as the captain of her adventure trio.

In fact, when danger comes, she never waits for Dwayne Johnson’s rescue, every time she solves the problem by herself.

More importantly, at the last happy end, Emily Blunt rescued Dwayne Johnson who was turned into stone and allowed him to touch the spell to be reborn.

"Jungle Cruise": A promotional video for the Disneyland project

From the plot point of view, this is the real new age woman.

My dreams come true by themselves, and if they don’t agree, they part ways, and don’t count on men.

My love is saved by himself. If we can’t save, we have to live well. Love is never the only one in life.

This is probably the greatest modernity of Disney I have seen in this movie.

Although children may not think so deeply, it is much better for girls to feel this kind of independence than the sleeping beauty lying in bed waiting for the prince to kiss and wake up.

"Jungle Cruise": A promotional video for the Disneyland project

Finished effect family carnival

In addition, the special effects are not bad. When the three cursed boss groups just come out, they may scare the children, so be careful.

But that part of the snakes, trees, and so on, the special effects are still worse than in “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

In general, for Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” project, this is a passing family popcorn movie, and it is also a Disney original passing work.

"Jungle Cruise": A promotional video for the Disneyland project

If you want to continue to create movies for other projects in the future, you can be bolder in the novelty of the story.

Well, the spoiler is over.

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