“Free Guy” won the first week of North America, “The Suicide Squad” box office plummeted by 70%


The action comedy “Free Guy” starring Ryan Reynolds opened in North America on August 13, with a box office of $28.1 million in three days for the first weekend.

Last week’s champion “The Suicide Squad” plunged 70.4%, and US$7.8 million ranked fifth.

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The other two new films “Don’t Breathe 2” and “Respect” ranked second and fourth with US$10.6 million and US$8.8 million respectively.

Free Guy” released by the 20th Century Pictures was shown in 4165 theaters without simultaneous streaming.

The film received a high CinemaScore A score and an IMDb score of 7.7.

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Although the investment was as high as 100 million U.S. dollars, the performance of this original film exceeded expectations during the outbreak of the epidemic again.

After all, the investment of “The Suicide Squad” with an investment of 185 million dollars was only 26.5 million dollars last week.

Free Guy” earned US$22.5 million outside North America, and the film currently has a cumulative box office of US$50.9 million.

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The film tells that Guy, a bank clerk played by Ryan Reynolds, finds himself in the background of an adventurous video game.

But he didn’t want to be mediocre, and he became a good man in the game to get justice, which led to the developer’s order to close the game.

The female player played by Jodie Comer wants to help him fight back.

"Free Guy" won the first week of North America, "The Suicide Squad" box office plummeted by 70%

Sony Pingzhen’s “Don’t Breathe 2” released $10.6 million at the first weekend, less than half of the $26.4 million at the box office of the first episode five years ago.

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Considering the film investment is only 15 million US dollars, not too bad word of mouth (51% of Rotten Tomatoes), such a result is barely acceptable.

The film won US$3.4 million at the weekend box office outside North America, with a total of US$14 million worldwide.

In third place is Disney’s “Jungle Cruise“, with a cumulative box office of US$82.1 million in North America and US$154 million worldwide.

The biopic “Respect”, which is the main award season, ranked fourth at $8.8 million.

"Free Guy" won the first week of North America, "The Suicide Squad" box office plummeted by 70%

MGM invested $55 million in the production of this movie. CinemaScore received an A rating, and the freshness of rotten tomatoes was 63%.

Since 48% of the audience is African American, and 2/3 of the ticket-buying audience is over 35 years old, the commercial future of the film is not good.

The Suicide Squad” was the champion last week but this week was only fifth. The box office drop of 70.4% was almost a cliff drop.

This is even higher than the 67% drop in the next week of 2016 “Suicide Squad“.

The main reason for media analysis is the simultaneous launch of HBO Max. After all, Rotten Tomatoes maintains 91% of its freshness, with an IMDb of 7.5, which is far from a bad movie.

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