Wrath of Man

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The most handsome bald-headed Jason Statham B-level action film “Rage of Man”, is it going to explode!

This movie is not only about Guy Ritchie—and Jason Statham.

This time “Wrath of Man” is a remake of the 2004 French film “Cash Truck”. But in addition to the similar elements of the security guards and the revenge scene, “Wrath of Man” is almost another story, and the shooting method also has great innovations. It not only has fierce action scenes, but also full of suspense and brainstorming. element. The film style is also Guy Ritchie’s consistent vigor and hardcore.

By the way, the cannon fodder stepped on by Guo Dage in Tuli is the famous American hip-hop singer Post Malone. It is a dream linkage.

Undercover, film noir, and all kinds of super hardcore play with real guns and live ammunition, hardcore and action are undoubtedly the best annotations of this movie.

Although we have seen many Guy Ritchie movies on the big screen. But this “Wrath of Man” is quite special.

Because it is different from the previous series of IP works such as “Aladdin”, “King Arthur”, and “Detective Sherlock Holmes”. This is a more pure “Geist” style noir film.

Let us recall, what are the noir films of “Gai’s” that have been amazing before?

First of all, of course, the stunning four-seater directorial debut “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”. This is a movie that many people call a “made by God”. It has an exquisite structure, a perfectly closed loop, and is full of genius ideas. And since then, the same exquisite and sharp “Snatch” has not lost to the previous work, and has completely established the leading role of the world.

In fact, there was also a slightly niche work “Revolver”, which may not have attracted much attention, but in fact the film lineup is also very strong. Not only is Guy Ritchie directed, but the screenwriter is Luc Besson. The subject matter is also very interesting, quite brain-burning. Not much spoilers, you can take a look if you are interested.

There is nothing wrong, I believe you have discovered the common ground of the above movies. That is, there happens to be Jason Statham inside. Especially in the last “Revolver”, Jason unexpectedly contributed a rare…hair style! ! !

Although the two have never cooperated since “Revolver” in 2005. But in the hearts of popular movie fans, Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham are always the golden combination of a pair of British noir films and one of the best interpreters of tough guy action movies.

And in this way, we have another level of expectation for this “Wrath of Man”, but what will the two old partners with tacit understanding bring if they stand together again?

Of course you have to be handsome, blow up, and burn. You can’t lose to the previous game-it’s also a crisp action movie, a crisp tough male protagonist.

In this movie, Jason Statham plays an undoubtedly full-scale boss. In a heavily armed robbery of a money transport truck, his son was killed by the robbers as a witness to the crime.

In order to avenge the funeral of his son, he went undercover in this security company and turned into a mediocre money-carrying security. Trying to find the robbers and the ghosts in the company, and launched desperate revenge on them.

Judging from the evaluation of the Internet, the film also performed well. The IMDB score has 7.5 points.
The popcorn rate on Rotten Tomatoes is as high as 93%. This just shows that this is a very cool, explosive, and fast-paced action film, full of commercial elements, and the cinema has a first-rate look and feel.

The same goes for the evaluation of film critics. “Even people who hate Guy Ritchie will love this movie.” “This is a solid and imaginative action movie.”

So what is so cool about this movie?

As the saying goes, Guy Ritchie is one of the best directors in the UK who can shoot men. And in this movie, you feel this again: mysterious boss, taciturn, ruthless, full of aura, gentleman thug. The robbers ran away in terror when they saw his eyes. The iron face is ruthless, and the hormones burst. The female colleague could turn her face and interrogate her just after she fell asleep. Until the end of the film, even when facing a murderous enemy, he still feels calm and has excellent control. No ranting, no boxing, just calmly, shot after shot, without any muddle. Appreciate the opponent’s struggle and reap the opponent’s fear. The perfect revenge is nothing but this.

What is this, friends? This is the top hunter. The ultimate alpha.

Interestingly, the title of this movie is [Wrath of Man]. But from beginning to end, you can’t find any anger at all from Jason’s expressionless face. Only when he recalled his son would he show a trace of forbearance of grief.

He is like an iceberg. The most amazing part is hidden deeply in the bottom of the sea. And his anger lies in his persistence and investigation to the end. Even if he digs three feet in the ground, this silent father must make everyone pay the price.

Of course the plot is also very cool! Robbery, undercover, revenge: In fact, every element ensures the commercial visibility of the film. The superposition of the three makes the film more exciting, with tight rhythm and climax.

On the one hand, the film portrays us a fairly real day-to-day security of money transport trucks: this was originally a job of licking blood. He is often targeted by robbers and encounters danger.

As soon as the film came up, we saw two splendid scenes of road robbery. The robbery styles of the two are exactly opposite. The first robbery was carefully deployed, and the cooperation between the robbers and the engineering vehicle was seamless. The second time happened on the streets of Los Angeles, purely a lunatic behavior by a group of desperadoes.

The pace is breathless!

This not only guarantees the visibility of the action scene, but also reflects the dangers of this job: you never know what you will see when you step on the money transport truck today, and whether you can go home safe and sound. .

On the other hand, the undercover and revenge of the bosses, as the main line of the film, makes the story more layered.

When Jason entered the security company as an undercover agent, the film had a very intuitive sense of “full-level boss entering the novice village”.

In such a mixed environment, the colleagues around him are big men with fierce faces, and novices will inevitably be bullied. But Jason did not. Although he seems taciturn, his speechless aura is enough to shock everyone.

And when they were robbed, the colleague who looked sideways in the ordinary days turned into useless softies, only he remained unchanged, cold and tough.

He immediately transformed himself into a star employee, admired by all his colleagues, greatly appreciated by his boss, and given the green light. But do you think the boss is here to get promoted and get rich? Of course not! He is a man who can’t even be caught by the FBI! People are here to wait and see. He stayed quietly in this company, waiting for the ghost to appear.

In the second half of the film, with the robbers’ big plan again, the plot was once again brought to a climax. There won’t be too many spoilers here.

All in all, you will see what it means to be invincible, to meet the gods and kill the gods. Just one word, cool. How good Jason Statham can play, how cool this movie can be. Hand-to-hand combat and fist to the flesh, hard bridge and hard horse. The guns are real and live ammunition, the guns are up and down, there are no false shots.

In the final part of the firearms melee, it is really a rain of guns and bullets, enough to bomb and reach the head, and the tension is even greater. It’s dumbfoundingly handsome.

I believe that even the stills can hardly show one-tenth of that sensory stimulation. And there is no doubt that, whether it is the shocking special effects of repeated bombing, or the audio-visual atmosphere that makes the whole body tight.

Only on the big screen can you get the best immersive experience. It’s been a long time since I saw such a cool action movie on the big screen, brothers! ! Of course, the point of view of this movie is not just cool.

More importantly, it is also very cool! ! ! ! At first glance, the main line of the plot of revenge for the son, although more than cool, seems to lack a bit of freshness. Hollywood movies with such themes abound, and it is easy to be reduced to a simple and crude action film for straight men.

But don’t forget, this is a noir film in Guy Ritchie’s style. Guy Ritchie obviously has the ability to turn decadence into a magical director. In this movie, we will once again see his best non-linear narrative and multi-perspective narrative.

The story is divided into four perspectives and four chapters, cutting in from characters of different class positions, and continuously advancing the film’s narrative in the timeline of overlapping time and space.

This not only provides a richer amount of information and creates a layer of progressive suspense, but also shows a more interlocking and delicate structure.

The idle pen in the previous chapter will be subtly reversed in the next chapter; the little people in the previous chapter will become important in the next chapter.

We can still feel the most unique and unique brain-burning charm of Guy Ritchie. He turned a seemingly straightforward story into an intricate ball of wool, mobilizing the audience’s participation to the greatest extent.

Constantly throwing out problems, then solving them, and throwing out new ones—in a tight, lively and relaxed rhythm, this vigorous and accurate story has always firmly captured the audience.

Very fried! Very top! At the end, I believe everyone will feel this way.

On the other hand, the multi-angle narrative also once again contributed a very wonderful group drama.

In most movies of similar themes, the protagonist has an absolute advantage. The audience follows his perspective and gets pleasure from his aura of immortality. Although this is cool, but it is too straightforward and not enough to have aftertaste.

But “Wrath of Man” is different. The film is quite unconventional, and the camera is aimed at his opponent-these desperate robbers.

You will find that there is a reason why they can hibernate so deep and become the thorn in the eyes of the king of the underground empire. They are not a group of cannon fodder, but have a very distinct personality. Hateful and sad.

This is a group of bloodthirsty veterans. They had been on the battlefield and were unwilling to live in the ordinary life hidden in the city after the war, so they would make such a desperate behavior.

They are indeed extremely difficult opponents. Compared with ordinary robbers, they are bolder and more careful. More cautious and more cunning. In many cases, the opponent’s ability determines the upper limit of the protagonist. At this level, “Wrath of Man” obviously respects the audience’s IQ enough.

It is precisely because the opponent is so tough, cold, and well-trained that it shows the protagonist’s omnipotence. In this way, “Wrath of Man” provides a higher level of emotion. Not only the sense of refreshment, but also the sense of IQ.

It wasn’t by giving gold fingers to the big guys to crush the audience, but it was indeed the most heartfelt victory after the strong showdown. Of course, I have to mention in the end that the extreme style of audio-visual language in the film creates an adrenaline-rushing tense atmosphere.

Audiences familiar with Guy Ritchie know that “violent aesthetics” has always been the label of his works, and the artistic techniques of multi-line narrative and rapid editing make his films full of unique personal style. In this film, this style continues. Guy Ritchie commented on his new work in the trailer special: action scenes, aggressive, cruel and sharp.

There is no doubt that this is the kind of movie that must be watched in the cinema. Only on the big screen can you best enjoy the violence and vigor of this movie. Unlike the traditional violent aesthetics, Guy Ritchie’s unique style is always realistic and romantic, cold and full of rhythm. It is very lucky to be able to see it on the big screen.

I believe we haven’t seen such a realistic and hardcore robbery scene in an action movie for a long time. For example, his most marked point is that at the beginning of any robbery, there is an undercurrent of tension.

In the hot afternoon, the security staff sat in the heavy money transport truck, like a bug in the amber, chatting casually, relying on the most insignificant topics to pass the day-in-day work. But the danger often happens in an instant-when they are targeted by robbers, it is a time of death. The dullness of daily life turns into smoke at this moment. Roar. There was a rain of guns and bullets, and blood and violence flew together. Infiltrated by total fear.

Next is the extremely delicate scene scheduling. Smooth long shots, crazy and full of tension editing, accompanied by a melancholy and rhythmic soundtrack for cello.

I don’t remember how long it has been since I saw such an ultimate action movie on the big screen. It not only has the black hard core of British movies, but also has the retro and romance of Hong Kong movies in the 1980s.

It can only be said that it is worthy of Guy Rich, who knows if there is any one shot. Thanks to him and Uncle Guo for benefiting the audience and joining forces to let us see such a cool and hilarious action movie.

Everyone should remember that in “John Wick” John Wick killed the killer organization for a dog.

And “Wrath of Man” is for the family, embarking on an extreme road of revenge.

Let’s meet in the theater!

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