Johnson’s new film “Jungle Cruise” wins the North American box office


Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt starring in “Jungle Cruise” won the championship with $34.2 million last weekend.

While “Jungle Cruise” landed in theaters, the film was also launched simultaneously on the Disney+ streaming service, earning $30 million in rental income.

For Johnson’s appeal and US$200 million investment, this performance is not impressive.

The King Arthur legend spin-off movie “Green Knight” won the runner-up for $6.78 million, and the third runner-up was last week’s champion universal thriller “Old“.

Jungle Cruise” was originally scheduled to be released in July last year and postponed to this summer.

Johnson's new film "Jungle Cruise" wins the North American box office

Jungle Cruise” graded PG-13, is Disney’s film and television adaptation of its amusement projects again after “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Tomorrowland”.

The film received 63% freshness in Rotten Tomatoes, 93% of the audience’s popcorn index, and a CinemaScore score of A-.

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The praise of “Jungle Cruise” focused on the personal charm of Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson and the chemical reaction between each other.

The bad reviews centered on the fact that although the director added a lot of fresh ideas, the film flowed into Disney’s family carnival routine. The film was full of too many minor plots, CGI special effects and botched jokes.

Since Scarlett Johansson sued Disney last week for paying dividends, the focus of the outside world on “Jungle Cruise” is also focused on this.

However, Johnson has repeatedly expressed his support for the mashup distribution model in public, while another starring Emily Blunt is rumored to stand up against Disney.

Johnson's new film "Jungle Cruise" wins the North American box office

A24’s “ The Green Knight ” is estimated to have earned 6.7 million US dollars in three days during the first weekend, slightly higher than their “Midsommar” launched two years ago (drawing on Wednesday, 6.57 million US dollars in three days on weekends).

The Green Knight” Rotten Tomatoes has a favorable rating of 89%, and CinemaScore is rated as C+, which is not bad for a horror movie.

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Starring Matt Damon, the focus film crime thriller “Stillwater” $5.12 million in the first weekend, Rotten Tomatoes favorable rate of 75%.

Stillwater” appeared in the non-competitive section of the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Johnson's new film "Jungle Cruise" wins the North American box office

Old movies: The universal thriller “Old” collected US$6.7 million (-60%) the following weekend, for a total of US$30.55 million.

The Paramount sci-fi action film “Snake Eyes” fell sharply, receiving only $4 million (-70%) for three days the following weekend.

A total of 22.28 million US dollars was released for 10 days, and the recovery of this big IP was in vain.

Black Widow” collected an additional US$6.42 million in three days over the weekend, for a total of US$167.1 million. It will soon surpass the box office record (US$168.5 million) during the epidemic of “Fast and Furious 9“.

This year, North America’s July box office yielded less than $600 million.

Excluding the period when theaters were largely closed last year, this was the worst performance since 1993.

The annual box office in North America in 2021 is currently only $1.6 billion, which is far behind mainland China.

North America will usher in DC’s “The Suicide Squad” on August 6, and the film Rotten Tomatoes has a positive rating of 96% (93 ratings).

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