“The Expendables 4” enters the preparatory stage


“The Expendables 4” enters the preparatory stage, Stallone exposes the skull ring.

The action movie “The Expendables 4”, which has always been awaited by movie fans, finally has a new dynamic.

A few days ago, Stallone, the creator of the “The Expendables” series, posted a photo on his social networking site.

"The Expendables 4" enters the preparatory stage

In the photo, he is holding a ring with a skull sculpture and eyes with purple gems.

For fans of Stallone, this ring is very familiar. It is an important prop in the “The Expendables” series.

Stallone said: “Just finished the designing the new ring for EXPENDABLE 4 It’s a little heavy, but it’ll definitely put some muscles on your fingertips.”

Judging from Stallone’s accompanying essay, “The Expendables 4” has begun preparatory work.

“The Expendables” filmed by Stallone is another masterpiece of the action actor in his twilight years.

"The Expendables 4" enters the preparatory stage

However, “The Expendables 3” encountered a leak. This undoubtedly brought a huge blow to Stallone.

Earlier, the film’s starring Stallone said in an interview that the helpless adjustment of the classification to allow more families to watch the movie was a “serious error of prediction”.

So in the next movie, “The Expendables 4”, this kind of warm violence will no longer exist, and more and more direct violence will appear.

Currently, Stallone and his team are writing the script of “The Expendables 4”, and if all goes well, the film will start shooting this fall.

However, if the script preparation is unfavorable, the film will be postponed until next fall to start shooting.

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