“You Should Have Left” release special


“You Should Have Left” release special, Amanda Seyfried faces fear.

On June 16, the thriller “You Should Have Left” starring Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried was released.

The remote mansions, the sudden appearance of figures, mysterious writings and photos, the common “routines” of these thrillers appear in the trailer.

The actor starring Kevin Bacon seems to be mentally abnormal after moving into the new home.

"You Should Have Left" release special, Amanda Seyfried faces fear.

Not only did he often encounter unexplainable things, but he also saw another “self” sitting at the table writing.

The biggest attraction of “You Should Have Left” comes from the cast. In addition to Kevin Bacon, Amanda Seyfried will face his fear as the heroine.

It is reported that “You Should Have Left” will be on-demand online on June 19.

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