“Cruella” will be released in the U.S. on May 28

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Disney movie “Cruella” will be released in the U.S. on May 28.

On May 28, Disney’s live-action movie “Cruella” released a preview of the finals and announced that it will be on the big screen in mainland China on June 6.

“Cruella” is created by the original crew of “Maleficent”, subverting the interpretation of one of Disney’s most charming villains, the fashion demon Kuila.

This film invites the two major Oscars Emma Stone and Emma Thompson to star in the lead, stage a peak showdown in the British fashion circle, igniting this summer with a gorgeous and flamboyant fashion feast.

And Cruella, launched in 2021, will continue this subversive tradition.

In London, where punk rock is popular, tell the rebellious origin story of one of Disney’s most fashionable villains, Kuila Deville.

Kuila was formerly known as Daiyla. She is smart and creative and hopes to make a fortune with her design talent.

Soon, her fashion intuition attracted the attention of the fashion legend Baroness.

But the acquaintance of the two revealed a terrifying secret, allowing Daiyla to embrace her evil side again, becoming a noisy, fashionable, and vengeful Kuila.

“Cruella” gathers a luxurious lineup of star-studded stars, inviting two major Oscar actresses, Emma Stone and Emma Thompson to lead the starring roles.

With “La La Land” popular all over the world and won the Oscar actress Emma Stone, this time will incarnate the heroine Estella with two personalities.

  1. Whether it’s a fledgling, smug newcomer in the fashion industry, or a queen-like demeanor who is full of aura in the later period, they are all three-pointers.

In terms of appearance, Emma Stone will subvert the past, from the iconic black and white hair color to the evil laughter, which will all make the audience shine.

  1. And Emma Thompson, who competes with her, is not only the winner of the Oscar for Best Actress, but also a well-known evergreen in the film industry.

The baroness played by her is full of elegance and fashion, but with a cold and alien temperament, she has a strong ambition for fashion.

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As the story progresses, the screen confrontation between the two major movie queens, the undercurrent surging during the intrigue, and the murderous intrigue during the red carpet confrontation, presents a feast of acting skills for the audience.

In addition, the famous stylist Nadia Stacy, who has worked together in the Oscar nominee for best film “The Favourite”, and the Oscar nominee for best art direction, Fiona Columby, and Alice Felton will also cooperate again.

Through the styling of public personality and the overall style of luxury and beauty, the audience will be led to enjoy the British fashion circle.

The classic black-and-white hair styling of Estella in the previous trailer, combined with the stunning styling of motorcycle leather jackets and “paint makeup”, has aroused widespread discussion.

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