‘Kandahar’: Action-thriller starring Gerard Butler releases official trailer

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Gerard Butler starring in the action thriller ‘Kandahar’ released the official trailer, the film will be released in Northern America on May 26th.

Butler again collaborated with director Ric Roman Waugh (‘Angel Has Fallen’ ‘Greenland’) on a script co-written by Waugh and former military intelligence officer Mitchell LaFortune, with Navid Negahban, Ali Fazal Travis Fimmel and others also star.

Based on Prism-era LaFortune’s first-hand experience with the Defense Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan, Butler plays Tom Harris, a CIA agent working undercover in the Middle East. When his classified mission and identity are revealed and he is trapped in the heart of the enemy, he must work with a fellow interpreter to kill a way out of the desert and evade the elite special forces pursuing them to reach the extraction point.

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