“Cruella” exposed stills, Emma Stone interprets punk fashion


Disney’s live-action version of “Kuira” starred by Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, and the two Oscars for best actresses released new stills and behind-the-scenes photos of costume design.

Kuila, played by Emma Stone, unlocks the new form of the Dalmatian element. Kuila holds a cane and stands in the middle of the runway, accepting the gaze of the crowd.

Emma Thompson’s black and white color-matched dress of the Baroness is full of gorgeousness, and her eyes are full of disdain.

The story of “Cruella” is set in London in 1970, at the time of the revolution of punk rock. At this time, Kuila was still a young wicked woman named Estella.

She yearned to become a fashion designer since she was a child, but she was doing the same thing in the company, was despised by others, and was hit hard by the cruel real life.

Until Estella got acquainted with two thieves who had the same smell as her, and used various tricks to make them prosperous in London.

Estella’s fashion talent was photographed by the “fashion queen” Baroness von Hermann (Emma Thompson), and the two evolved from knowing each other to turning each other into feud, making Estella’s dark side gradually Zhanlu, became a fashionable wicked woman that everyone is afraid of.

“Cruella” was supervised and produced by the “Mary Poppins” production team. “I, Tonya” director Craig Gillespey directed the two Oscars for best actress Emma Stone and Emma Thompson on the same stage.

Other Cass also include Mark Strong (“Ace Agent” series), Joel Fry (“Yesterday”), Paul Walter Hauser (“Richard Jewell”) and so on. The fashion style of the film is created by the styling team that has won two Oscars.

Disney’s live-action version of “Cruella” is expected to be released in North America on May 28, and will be registered simultaneously on the streaming media Disney+.

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