“Thor 4” released a stills of “The God Butcher” Gorr


“Thor 4” released new live photos, “The God Butcher” Gorr stills exposed.

A few days ago, Marvel’s “Thor 4” released several set photos. In the set photos, the appearance of the villain “The God Butcher” Gorr played by Christian Bale was exposed.

From the photo, Bell shaved off his hair and lost weight.

Christian Bale once again made sacrifices for the role. This is Bell who returned to the superhero movie years after leaving Batman. However, this time he came under Marvel’s command and played a villain.

“The God Butcher” Gorr has superhuman strength, endurance and injury resistance. He can also manipulate darkness and shape it into solid objects.

Gorr was born on a planet with a hostile environment. Since the gods did not respond to the prayers of those who desperately need help, Gorr believed that the gods were not worthy of any worship, and on the contrary deserved retribution.

After losing his beloved love, he felt that God might not exist at all, but after confirming that there were Gods in the world, he vowed to eradicate them all.

He also successfully slaughtered many gods, which proved his ability and his determination. Therefore, Thor naturally became his target.

Under the control of director Taiga Viditi, compared with the first two Shakespeare-style Thors, the younger Thor 3 is very suitable for the current audience.

Moreover, “Thor” has also got rid of the shadow of serious drama and has a touch of comedy. In “Thor 4”, Thor has a strong assistant-female Thor. How the story will develop is currently unknown.

According to the plan, “Thor 4” will be released in North America on February 11, 2022.

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