“Army Of The Dead” is not highly rated,Why?

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“Army Of The Dead” is not highly rated. What is the reason?

The zombie film “Army Of The Dead” has been hitting the street. What’s wrong?

The movie “Army Of The Dead” is a zombie film created by the famous director Zach Schneider.

Zach Schneider has directed many successful films for DC. For example, the previous “Justice League” was made by Zach Schneider, which also made this zombie film highly anticipated.

However, even if “Army Of The Dead” has the aura of Zach Schneider, the final result is a bad film.

A bad movie is a bad movie, and you can’t just blow it up just because the movie is produced by a famous director.

It is like a celebrity chef who wants to try new tricks and makes a new dish. But it did fail and it was horrible. You can’t tell your conscience that it is delicious.

So what is the problem with “Army Of The Dead”, and where is it so bad?

  1. Plot cliche, and the film is a typical old story about teaming up in a zombie camp to fight zombies.

From the very beginning, the audience can guess that there will be no ending, and there is no turning plot in the process.

  1. The rhythm is pulling the hips, and the literary play is too long.

In addition to the refreshing MV at the beginning of the prologue, the long story behind is lethargic.

There are too many emotional dramas between the protagonist and her daughter.

In addition, the plot of the daughter running to save people without thinking can easily increase the blood pressure of the audience.

In addition, even if the film entered the zombie quarantine area, it took 1 hour and 46 minutes to officially fight the zombies, and the play was not exciting enough.

  1. There are many places in the plot that are too childish.

For example, the funny plot of skydiving and shooting zombies in the opening MV was imposed for aesthetic reasons.

Let a zombie queen patrol in person, this setting is also strange, the protagonists often have collective IQ offline.

  1. Unable to create a tense and exciting atmosphere.

The death squad entered the zombie camp, and also made a plot to trade with the zombies.

This is obviously telling the audience that it can be eaten with confidence in the early stage, and there is no high energy.

The audience should not be told in the early stage of the film that there are more advanced Alpha zombies in the quarantine area.

It wasn’t until the end of the movie that the death squad discovered that there were zombies with IQ, which could create a more oppressive atmosphere.

As a zombie film, if it can’t create a tense and exciting atmosphere, the experience of this film will be greatly reduced to the audience.

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