“Uncharted”: Recently released a new stills


Regarding the game adaptation of movies, the risks and benefits are high, but there are still countless companies rushing for it. One of the more famous is the famous “Resident Evil” series of movies. This IP has received a lot of fan attention from the beginning of the game. The excellent plot has made it a great success on the road of film adaptation. Nowadays, well-known game adaptation movies “Uncharted” also released the latest stills.

The “Uncharted” series of games are mainly produced by Naughty Dog Studios under SCE. Since 2007, 4 works have been released. Basically, each of them has received a lot of praise. The plan to adapt the movie is progressing very slowly. The project was established in 2011, but there has been constant controversy over the director and casting.

Now it has been confirmed that Ruben Frescher will be the director of “Uncharted Waters”, with Tom Holland playing the protagonist, and the filming of the fish will officially start in March 2020. Although it has been delayed again due to the impact of the epidemic, it has now restarted. It is expected to be released next year. In order to reassure fans, brand new stills have been released recently.

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