‘The Batman’ art poster revealed, ‘The Dark Knight’ moves on


On February 22, the art poster of the movie “The Batman” was exposed, and the “Dark Knight” Batman went forward.

The newly released movie art poster is dominated by red and black. After adjusting the poster, it can be found that the picture shows the scene of Batman rushing towards the flamethrower, and there are many people behind the superhero. gather.

'The Batman' art poster revealed, 'The Dark Knight' moves on

Behind them, the shaded parts make up Batman’s bat logo.

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In the movie, Batman once again incarnates “Vigilante Justice Detective” to do justice. The mysterious villain The Riddler leaves behind a lot of clues that are not easy to decipher, which plunges Batman into a mystery game with hidden murderous intentions.

Currently, “The Batman” has been scheduled for March 4 release in North America.

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