“007: No Time to Die”: Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

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“007: No Time to Die” is currently in theaters.25 Bond movies, including one called “You Only Live Twice”.

The theme song of this movie sings that Bond has two lives, one is his own, and the other is a dream dedicated to him.

Nancy Sinatra’s singing is sweet, but the lyrics can’t make people feel strange: Does Bond have a dream?

Apart from loyalty to the country and shooting a gun (a real gun), what other dreams does he have?

Are you even willing to sacrifice your life for this dream?

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“007: No Time to Die” is the last time Daniel Craig played Bond. Can he tell us the answer to this mystery?

"007: No Time to Die": Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

You know, I know, everyone knows, and everyone has been waiting for years. “007: No Time to Die” is Daniel Craig’s final farewell to Bond.

This is a summary of the four Bond movies he has played.

This is like “Avengers 4: Endgame” from the Marvel Universe.

If you have never watched Craig’s past four movies, then this movie may be the only 007 movie you need to learn.

You need to watch “Casino Royale” to know who Vesper is and how she became Bond’s demon.

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At the same time, he will know how Bond got to know the CIA agent Felix Leiter and became a confidant.

"007: No Time to Die": Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

You must have seen “Skyfall” and “Spectre” to know the tense relationship between Bond and his boss, M, and how Bond included the cute Q and Moneypenny as little partners.

At the same time, learn about Bond’s lifelong enemy “Spectre”, and how his leader Blofeld laid out the conspiracy of the previous movies to try to murder Bond.

And how did Bond get to know Madeleine, the daughter of his enemy, and finally arrested Blofeld, and then flew away with Madeleine.

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“007: No Time to Die” brings the story to the end in a strange and familiar way.

"007: No Time to Die": Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

Director Cary Fukunaga’s ambitions can be seen from the beginning.

This is not only the ending of Bond played by Daniel Craig, but also the ending of James Bond himself.

“007: No Time to Die” starts with the 007 “barrel” you are familiar with, but does not have the 007 cold opening you are familiar with.

It didn’t give you a passionate ten-minute action scene, and then an impassioned theme song sounded.

On the contrary, we had to wait for nearly half an hour before we heard Billie Eilish’s sad singing.

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And during this half an hour, there were emotional scenes, action scenes, and the sound of “we have all the time in the world” by Louis Armstrong could be heard from time to time, revealing faint anxiety.

"007: No Time to Die": Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

“We have all the time in the world” is the most ominous song in the history of 007. It comes from the classic 1969 movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

In this movie Bond lost his love forever, and a few minutes before the unfortunate ending, Bond told his beloved wife, “We have the world’s time.”

A few minutes later, Bond lost the world.

“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” is what I think is the greatest Bond movie. It strikes the most painful rhythm in this invincible film series.

And if you are also familiar with Bond’s 60 years of screen history, when you hear Daniel Craig saying to Léa Seydoux, “We have the world’s time”, you will immediately numb your scalp.

"007: No Time to Die": Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

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You will not participate in the farewell ceremony of strangers, and “007: No Time to Die” is a movie dedicated to audiences who have already missed Daniel Craig, and it is also a movie for loyal Bond fans.

From deliberately placing “we have all the time in the world” in many moments throughout the movie, you know that this movie attempts to condense many wonderful moments in Bond history.

  • “007: No Time to Die” of course has the familiar Aston Martin DB5 sports car.
  • There are sea fortresses similar to “The Spy Who Loved Me”.
  • The “Three Blind Rats” of “Dr.No”.
  • A “Live and Let Die” black devil.
  • A motorcycle chase of “Skyfall”.
  • Ian Fleming’s Jamaican villa “Golden Eye” and so on.

As the plot progresses, these familiar memories of the past die out one by one.

"007: No Time to Die": Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

But “007: No Time to Die” is not just a hodgepodge, it has an extremely realistic side: our heroes and beauties have gone for a permanent honeymoon, but the world will continue to move.

And when Bond returned to the dirty intelligence circle he was familiar with again, he found that his position had become weird in this suddenly unfamiliar environment.

This arrangement somewhat satirizes the weird positioning of 007 movies in today’s film industry.

This extremely masculine film series is also incompatible with the increasingly politically correct film circle.

And when directors like Quentin or Christopher Nolan who stick to their personal style want to get rid of 007, they have to accept criticism from loyal fans and film companies.

James Bond, who will never die, seems to stay in the last century.

"007: No Time to Die": Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

As a result, the director Kerry produced arguably the most realistic 007 movie, and Bond is no longer the invincible hero that everyone begged.

During his absence, MI6 has younger and stronger agents.

And those teammates he knows, some are preparing to seal the mountain, and some have become cynics and can only rely on alcohol to hypnotize themselves.

James Bond has become a legend that few people remember, even the MI6 counter has forgotten who Bond is.

Craig doesn’t deliberately pretend to be decadent in this movie like in “Skyfall”, and put on an old-fashioned attitude.

Everywhere in the plot shows that the world has continued to move forward, and Bond is still staying behind.

Craig, who was coldly treated, showed Bond’s anger with embarrassment and consternation.

"007: No Time to Die": Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

But when Bond was abandoned by the times, he was able to observe these brilliances that he had experienced from an objective perspective, so as to see the bleak truth behind these brilliances.

The sacrifices of allegiance to the country in the past have only been exchanged for a miserable evening scene.

The charm of those women’s embrace is nothing more than self-motivated bullying of power.

In “007: No Time to Die”, Bond’s last mile, every second is subverting the cognition and glory of the past.

The methods and purposes of terrorists to conquer the world are becoming more and more unpredictable, and the sacrifice of intelligence agents will only become more and more cruel.

Before Bond went to bed, he would smile and say, “This is for the country.”

But the world’s first intelligence agent can be forgotten by the world, and the words “loyalty” and “betrayal” don’t seem to have any meaning anymore.

"007: No Time to Die": Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

What else does Bond possess after losing everything?

“007: No Time to Die” tells us the answer to “You Only Live Twice”: He still has a distant dream, a dream that can give everything for it.

This makes “007: No Time to Die” a perfect ending and fulfills another dream that is too extravagant for Bond besides saving the world.

This sublimated James Bond’s personal positioning, and also represented his bloody hard work, which has its precious meaning.

“007: No Time to Die” is not just a hero’s journey to defeat the villain, it is also James Bond’s lifelong evaluation.

Compared with the crisis of Spectre and thousands of creatures, it became insignificant in an instant—”Qi family ruled the country and the world”, Bond finally didn’t have to reverse the order.

"007: No Time to Die": Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

The ending of “007: No Time to Die” focused the spotlight on Bond, making it a personal movie.

You know we will see James Bond again, but that is no longer the Bond we are familiar with.

"007: No Time to Die": Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

If you are worried that this is a feminist movie, you don’t have to.

“007: No Time to Die” is still a movie dedicated to Daniel Craig, and Craig also contributed more emotions.

Compared to the indifference and recklessness of “Casino Royale” and the sorrow of “Skyfall”, you can clearly feel the emotion that Craig has completely spared in this episode.

Whether it’s the satisfaction of staying and flying with Madeleine, or meeting Felix’s heart-to-heart and so on.

Craig’s performance can make the audience feel that he wants to make the last effort for this classic role before the curtain ends.

"007: No Time to Die": Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

Maybe because this episode has already been given some meaning, or because Cary Fukunaga was not originally a director who was not well-known for handling action scenes.

“007: No Time to Die” does not have too many stimulating action points that traditional Bond movies have, but more action points that combine emotional meaning.

The audience will be happy because of the grievances, not because of how complicated acrobatics are presented in these sections.

Among them, Ana de Armas’ martial arts bridge section will definitely make the audience applaud, and another section of the street gunfight where Craig kills all quarters is also quite impressive.

In the end, there was a very passionate scene between the ladders that simulated a mirror to the end.

But overall, “007: No Time to Die” still hasn’t surpassed the stunt level of “Casino Royale”.

"007: No Time to Die": Not Just Saying Goodbye to Daniel Craig

As Craig’s last work to bid farewell to Bond, “007: No Time to Die” perfectly fulfilled its mission of ending the chapter.

At the same time, it has almost replaced the Bond of the last century, saying goodbye to the audience in the new era.

This is a natural development, and the values ​​of the times will always take turns. Fortunately, this closing chapter is at least complete and grand, and the past grievances are broken.

Although this series of films will continue to be filmed endlessly, at least it can leave a clean rest in the 25th work.

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