“007: No Time to Die”: 20 things you need to know about 007

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“007” James Bond is finally back! As the curtain call for starring Daniel Craig, “007: No Time to Die” is currently being screened worldwide!

The length of “007: No Time to Die” is 163 minutes (2 hours and 43 minutes), which surpasses the 148 minutes of “007: Ghost Party”, setting a record for the longest film length of the 007 series.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

Director Cary Fukunaga said, because the film is “this is a Bond movie with all the best in one.”

Since the first “Dr. No” in 1962, 25 films of the 007 series have been released in more than 50 years.

6 James Bond actors, leaving wonderful moments with different styles.

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As the most familiar 007 in the hearts of the new generation of audiences, Daniel Craig’s famous scenes of the year are even more memorable for a long time.

Today, I will give you a summary, 20 things you must know about 007. After watching, you will know more about the longest-lived film series in the world.

01 Code 007

007 is not only the name of the British series of spy films, but also the code name of Agent James Bond.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

Bond is a spy for MI6, and he is granted the power to remove anyone obstructing the movement.

02 James Bond’s name

British writer and former British agent Ian Fleming used his spying experience to create more than a dozen Bond series novels between 1953 and 1964.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

Fleming wanted to give his agents a common and simple name.

At that time, he flipped over a book “Birds of the West Indies” on the desk. The author was James Bond, so the protagonist’s name was picked up.

03 Work 25

007 is one of the longest-lived film series in the world.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

Since the first “Dr. No” was put on the screen in 1962, a total of 24 films of the 007 series have been released.

The latest release of “007: No Time to Die” is the 25th work in the series.

04 6 Bond

There are six James Bond actors so far.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

They are Sean Connery (deceased), George Lazenby, Roger Moore (deceased), Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

05 First Bond

Sean Connery is the first actor of Bond, and he is incomparable in front of the camera with noble aristocratic style.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

But the original author Ian Fleming didn’t like him to star in 007 at first.

At first Ian Fleming felt that Sean Connery was too strong and rough, but then he was conquered by Connery’s temperament and charm.

In subsequent novels, he added some of the actor’s personal characteristics into the description of 007.

06 Who has been the most ruthless in 007?

Agent Bond, who has a “killing license” in his hand, will kill the Quartet in every 007 movie.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

Shots, explosions, flooding, electric shocks, and throwing knives are all his tactics.

In the previous 007, Pierce Brosnan was the hardest hit. He killed 47 people in “Golden Eye”.

The most “benign” Bond is Roger Moore. In “The Man with the Golden Gun”, he only killed one person, the villain in the film.

07 The only blonde bond

Daniel Craig is the only blonde Bond in the 007 series. The previous actors were all brown-black hair.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

At first, fans and the media questioned him a lot, thinking that he was not tall enough, and he lacked masterpieces before.

There were many stars who initially competed with him for this role, including Clive Owen, Hugh Jackman and Colin Farrell.

When the first work “Casino Royale” was released, everyone changed their minds.

Daniel Craig has become the best candidate for the role of Bond in the hearts of a new generation of 007 fans with his tough, heroic, and cold appearance.

08 The curtain call works

“007: No Time to Die” will be the last time Daniel Craig will play the role of 007.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

Although he has said many times before that he will not perform again, but this time he really wants to say goodbye.

This film will connect all the clues buried in the previous work, completely solve the past mystery, and clarify Bond’s inner feelings.

As Daniel Craig put it, “put a complete end to the story.”

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09 Bond Girls

In the “007” series of movies, there is often a female protagonist in each film, and they are called “bon girls”.

Since the debut of the first “Bond girl”, they have become synonymous with sexy and glamorous, or have emotional entanglements with Bond, or Bond’s mission partner.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

The early Bond girls were similar to “Vases”. Later, their status in the film gradually improved, and some big-name actresses also began to appear.

Such as Jane Seymour, Michelle Yeoh, Sophie Marceau, Halle Berry.

Bond girls are usually just passers-by in one episode, but there are also women who make Bond unforgettable.

For example, Bond’s wife Tracy Bond in the old version of “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, and Bond’s first love Vesper Lynd in the new version of “Casino Royale”.

In “007: No Time to Die”, a new agent 00, a black woman, Nomi appears.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

There is also the return of the upper “Bond girl” Léa Seydoux, and the sexy and glamorous Ana de Armas made a wonderful appearance.

10 Who is M?

M is the code name of the MI6 leader in the 007 series, and is the direct boss of Bond and all “00”-level agents. He can directly take orders from the queen at critical moments.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

M and Bond often have different opinions, but without the hegemonic guidance of boss M and the “protection of the calf” at critical moments, 007 might have been secretly killed by other agents because he stabbed Da Louzi.

At the end of “Skyfall”, Mrs. M, played by Judi Dench, passed away. Ralph Fiennes, the former chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee of the United Kingdom, became the new M.

11 The Return of Classic Characters

In “007: No Time to Die”, all the characters from Q, Eve Moneypenny, Felix and other series gathered to pay tribute to Bond.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

Q (Ben Whishaw), is mainly responsible for providing Bond with various high-tech tools. The weapons and tools he provided have helped Bond many times.

Eve Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) is the secretary of Bond boss M, a young MI6 agent. But it is customary for movie fans not to classify her as a “Bond girl.”

In “Casino Royale”, Bond met CIA agent Felix Leiter, and the two became irreversible friends.

In the new film, Bond re-emerged because his old friend Felix Leiter came to ask for help.

12 Classic Car Aston Martin

Aston Martin is Bond’s classic car brand and one of the indispensable elements in 007 movies.

In 1964, Aston Martin DB5 debuted in the 007 series of movies “Goldfinger”.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

Since then, Aston Martin has appeared many times in subsequent 007 movies, and each car will arrange some special props.

For example, the machine gun hidden in the headlights, the famous ejection seats and bulletproof partitions, and so on.

When filming “Spectre”, seven Aston Martin DB10 sports cars customized for filming were completely destroyed during filming.

This time, we can see the classic Aston Martin DB5 in “007: No Time to Die”.

13 Gentleman in TF

It can be said that every 007 interprets the words “formal seduction” vividly and vividly.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

James Bond’s clothes are always meticulous, evening gowns, suits, shirts and bow ties, full of orthodox British gentleman style.

Since 2008, 007’s queen suit has been contracted by Tom Ford.

Daniel Craig usually shows off his figure with a narrow lapel suit, tapered pants and a shirt with a small pointed collar.

14 007 and the British Royal Family

007 has always had an indissoluble bond with the British royal family.

The most glorious moment was undoubtedly at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

As 007, Daniel Craig accompanied Queen Elizabeth II to board the helicopter, and then descended from the sky with a parachute over the stadium.

This ingenious way of playing has become the focus of the world.

At the UK premiere of “007: No Time to Die”, the British Crown Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Prince William and Princess Kate all showed up to help out.

15 Multiple Injuries

There are a lot of action scenes in the 007 series of movies, and Daniel Craig was injured in this way.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

During the filming of “007: No Time to Die”, he underwent surgery because he accidentally sprained his ankle.

Before shooting “Casino Royale”, he knocked out two teeth in a stunt performance.

In “Quantum of Solace”, he suffered a torn shoulder muscle and the tip of his ring finger was cut off.

In 2015’s “Spectre”, he suffered a severe impact on his knee and had to be forced to suspend work for surgery, and still insisted on making a full film.

16 Vodka Martini

Bond especially likes to drink vodka martini.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

In many versions of the movie, the audience can hear the famous line “shaken, not stirred” which means “shaken, not stirred.”

But in “Casino Royale” starring Daniel Craig, this line has changed.

When the bartender asked him, “Shake or stir?” Bond replied, “Do I look like someone who cares?”

Because of this line, Daniel Craig has also become a new bond with a difference.

17 Shots

The shooting scene of the beginning of the 007 movie, coupled with the familiar BGM, is one of the classic elements that impress the audience.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

In the round window in the barrel, Bond walked in sideways, suddenly turned to face the camera and shot, red blood slowly flowing down.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

After shaking the lens for a few times, the circular window gradually enlarged and gradually filled the entire screen.

In fact, the shooting man in the first three 007 movies was not Sean Connery who played 007, but was played by stuntman Bob Simmons. It was not until the fourth part that he was replaced by Sean himself.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

The second Bond George Lazenby contributed the only one-knee shooting posture.

Daniel Craig was the only actor who walked out and shot directly with a gun. His shooting was quick and easy.

18 High-tech weapons

The dazzling array of high-tech weapons is simply countless in the 007 series of movies.

Expanding to write, maybe three days and three nights can’t be finished.

A smart watch that can hide explosives, a camera that can turn into a rifle, a jetpack to help escape, a ring that can be embedded in a miniature camera, and sunglasses with see-through function.

Even the pistol used by Bond uses his palm print as the code, which means that only he can use the gun.

Someone once criticized the 007 movie with too much high-tech equipment, which seemed to be overwhelming.

But after Daniel Craig’s version of Bond, the high-tech equipment in the film began to become less and more sophisticated, and the design was more reasonable.

19 Good works have to go through more hardships

The shooting of “007: No Time to Die” was full of small disturbances.

The original director of the film was Danny Boyle (“Trainspotting”), but he was replaced three months before filming started.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

After considering Denis Villeneuve, Edgar Wright and others, the producers finally finalized the final director candidate as Cary Fukunaga.

The soundtrack of the film has also changed. The first one was Dan Romer, who worked with director Cary Fukunaga in “Beasts of no nation” and “Maniac”.

Later Dan Romer withdrew due to creative differences and was replaced by the famous Hans Zimmer.

20 Action scenes

The “007” series of movies have always been the benchmark for action blockbusters, and Daniel Craig has also left many action scenes.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

“Casino Royale” Bond fought the enemy fiercely on the crane and amazed everyone.

In “Quantum of Solace”, Bond flickers and moves under the traction of a rope, and the shot of an inverted shot is thrilling.

In “Skyfall”, Bond’s high-energy drama with the excavator shoveling the car is also shocking.

"007: No Time to Die": 20 things you need to know about 007

In “007: No Time to Die”, Bond has a lot of action scenes.

Whether it is a desperate pursuit, jumping off a high bridge, a vertical parachute from the outer wall of a skyscraper, or a new type of fighter plane rotating into the air, it is worth looking forward to.

What high-energy action scenes will this “007: No Time to Die” have? Come to the theater to find it.

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