Beautiful! The new “007 Bond girl” Ana de Armas attracts attention

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The movie “007: No Time to Die” is currently being screened.In addition to the heavy return of “Bond” and the wonderful fighting scenes in the film, the most eye-catching feature is the stunning appearance of the new “Bond girl” Ana de Armas.

Beautiful! The new "007 Bond girl" Ana de Armas attracts attention

In the film, Ana plays Paloma, an extraordinary Cuban CIA agent.

Paloma appeared in a black ultra-sexy, low-cut, high-slit long skirt, and the scene where she looked back and greeted Bond at the bar was fascinating.

Although only trained for three weeks, Ana has dedicated a wonderful action scene. The scene of her holding two guns to fight the enemy is unforgettable.

Paloma has a serious and cute look when performing tasks, his loyalty to the organization and his peers, and his impressive appearance.

Although Paloma doesn’t have many roles, he is praised and loved by the audience.

Such a beauty with a wise mind, a healthy hand, and a strong psychological quality makes people love she!

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