Daniel Craig retired perfectly! He revealed that his child didn’t know he was 007


A few days ago, the 25th “007” movie “007: No Time to Die” starring Daniel Craig has gone through the ups and downs of the epidemic and finally has a grand release.

Since his first appearance in “Casino Royale” in 2006, Daniel Craig has played the role of “James Bond” for 15 years.

Count down the 5 007 movies that Daniel Craig has starred in in the past.

The most impressive scene is undoubtedly the 30-story construction crane in “Casino Royale” staged a chase scene.

Daniel Craig retired perfectly! He revealed that his child didn't know he was 007

At that time, he overcame his fear of heights and tried his best to complete the filming. “I was really nervous at that time, especially when I was nervous and didn’t shoot well.

But later I saw the finished product and thought it was awesome, so everything was worth it. “

Although in the 007 series of movies, Daniel Craig is the omnipotent “agent 007”.

But in life his children have no idea that his father is such a powerful role, “We (and my wife) are not good at home at all.”

Daniel revealed that the children not only didn’t know that they were “007”, they also didn’t know that their mother, Rachel Weisz, had acted as “Black Widow”.

The 15 years of becoming “007” has also won many honors for Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig retired perfectly! He revealed that his child didn't know he was 007

On September 23 this year, Daniel was also named an honorary lieutenant colonel of the Royal Navy, becoming the first actor to receive this honor.

In an interview, he broke the news that although he is an honorary lieutenant colonel, he cannot give orders in the army and he is a “navy mascot.”

It is reported that the producer recently stated that it will consider candidates for successors next year.

In an interview, Barbara Broccoli said: “We didn’t think about this. Let Daniel enjoy this moment of celebration. Maybe, sometime next year, we will think of who will play this role.”

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