Black Panther 2:Marvel is sure to start shooting

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Black Panther 2:Marvel is sure to start shooting Black Panther 2! “Shuri” may become “the second generation Panther”.

In the past few days, Marvel announced a heavy news. Although the 43-year-old starring actor Chadwick Bosman of the “Black Panther” series of films suddenly passed away, Marvel decided to start “Black Panther 2” in March next year.

“The production of movies. According to official sources, Marvel currently has no plans to use CGI technology to restore Chadwick Bosman’s face. In other words, “Black Panther 2” may re-select actor, or choose the second “Black Panther” in other forms.

Wakanda can be said to be a country armed to the teeth, because all around Wakanda are martial arts groups. If you want to be king in Wakanda, you don’t have to vote. Everything depends on your own. Fighting power to decide.

Wakanda has never been soft in hunting down enemies. Since the first generation of Panthers, the claws have never been less.

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Of course, more importantly, Wakanda needs the technology to make full use of resources. Fortunately, Wakanda always A generation of Panthers has its own strong technology team.

Black Panther 2:Marvel is sure to start shooting Black Panther 2! "Shuri" may become "the second generation Panther".

In this generation, science and technology are even more rapid. Shuri has improved the panther suit, upgraded from ordinary wear to nano style, can remotely control smart cars, can make people with severe spinal injuries and paralysis stand back, and can analyze and reconstruct The illusion created by the top technology of the Western world.

It was only a matter of time before Shuri became the new Panthers, but now the time has been shortened.

According to media, due to the departure of Chadwick Bosman, Shuri had to hurry to inherit this position, and because of Wakanda ,according to the records of the archives, Shuri began to research Iron Man’s technology very early, and he is already working on the research and development of substitutes for heart-shaped grass.

Black Panther 2:Marvel is sure to start shooting Black Panther 2! "Shuri" may become "the second generation Panther".

In “Black Panther”, the power of science and technology is very important. From the energy-absorbing vibrating suit to the later development of a new armor that can counteract the Black Widow’s electric baton, these improvements all come from the advancement of technology.

According to the Marvel interview, the “Black Panther 2” movie will begin preparations for the movie scenes, scripts, and props in March next year, and then the official filming will start in July.

At present, the film set is set in Atlanta, and it is expected to shoot for more than half a year. The actors in the original “Black Panther” movie will all return, which means that Marvel does not intend to restart this series of movies, but will continue with “something else”!

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At present, fans speculate that the “Black Panther 2” series of films may use two forms to return to the plot in seconds.

The first is to directly select actors who are similar in height, weight, and appearance to the 43-year-old Chadwick Bosman. Come and continue to play the leading actor.

This method is relatively straightforward and reliable. Generally, Hollywood blockbusters cannot continue to appear because of the protagonist, and most of them choose this form. But what is interesting is that the second form of fan disclosure.

According to some media reports, this time Marvel “may directly choose the second-generation Black Panther in the movie’s role”! You know, in Marvel comics, every superhero has a successor.

“Team America, Panthers, Captain Marvel”, etc., are just a code name for different types of superheroes. Now in the fourth phase of the MCU movie universe plan, “Black Widow, Hawkeye, Beauty Team, Iron Man” will all usher in the second generation of the movie version!

Although “Black Panther” was only shot in one movie, the “first-generation black panther” played by Chadwick Bosman, Marvel is most likely to make it a stamped existence, rather than let other actors Continue to play.

At the same time, in the media interview, there was information that the 27-year-old actress Letitia Wright of “Princess Shuri” has improved very high in “Black Panther 2” in terms of salary and appearance rate!

Therefore, the actress is very likely to become the “second generation black panther”.

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