Gay Romance Comedy “Bros‎” Releases Official Trailer and Poster

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Billy Eichner has released an official trailer and poster for the gay romantic comedy “Bros‎,” the first major Hollywood studio film to feature an all-LGBTQ star.

I saw a podcast host vigorously complaining about the Hollywood film party: “The producer asked me to write a ‘straight men also love to watch gay romantic comedy with their girlfriends’, and straight men also love to watch it? It means that I suddenly in a high-speed drag racing scene Falling in love with Ice Cube, or am I worried about the volcanic eruption plot while being Jason Momoa XX? And they said: ‘We just need a movie to show gay love is no different than straight love, love is love is love.’ This is Bullshit! Our friendships, sex, relationships are different. I’m fed up with Hollywood shit—every time one or two guys are going to hook up, and then the camera goes away.”

Gay Romance Comedy "Bros‎" Releases Official Trailer and Poster

“Bros‎” is directed by Nicholas Stoller (“Neighbors‎”) and features Luke Macfarlane, Bowen Yang, and others. The film will be released in Northern America on September 30.

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