Charlize Theron has a new relationship?

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“U.S. News & World Report” Exclusive: Charlize Theron Has A New Relationship? The source broke the news that she and Canadian male model Gabriel Aubry “see eye to eye”, and the two will spend time together, but both are willing to “take your time” and have not yet entered the official dating stage.

Charlize Theron has a new relationship?

The two were photographed together in 2017, causing dating speculation. At that time, Charlize Theron denied the incident, saying that the two were just passing by and that she was not familiar with each other. “I have seen each other for two or three seconds and said ‘hi’ to each other.” The intersection was because their children went to the same school. .

Aubry, 45, is also known to gossip as “the ex-boyfriend of Halle Berry,” with whom Berry has a daughter and engaged in a high-profile custody battle after announcing their split in 2010.

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