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In 2018, the journey to dream won the best animated feature film at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.

Little boy MIG’s persistence in music and grandmother Coco’s longing for his father moved everyone. Now I think it’s still moving. That sentence “death is not the end, forgetting is” taught how many people to learn to put down, learn to release.

This year, Pixar and Disney, a powerful combination, once again teamed up with the original crew of “journey of the dream ring”, to announce that it will be released on Christmas day.

Gardner is a middle school music teacher who yearns for a better life, but his real dream is to play the piano – not to teach children to play the piano as he does now, but to make a living by making music and jazz. When he finally got the chance to perform for the first time in his life, he accidentally fell into the sewer and “fell to death”. He woke up in a black hole and became a lonely soul.

Soon, it found that it was not alone, but found a seminar called you. Another soul named 22 had participated in this seminar for hundreds of years. It hated human beings so much that it did not go to the earth.
But soon Gardner and 22 were back in the real world. There, Gardner will learn the true meaning of having a soul.

What will it and 22 go through together? What makes them understand the meaning of life and soul?

Let’s go to the movie to find the answer!

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