The Kominsky Method

TV Series

Since its debut, Netflix has shown a different temperament from other families. It often releases complete episodes in one go. Compared with the one-episode model of a week, it is not too cool to catch up.

Moreover, Netflix often produces some dramas that will make your eyes shine.

This is the one recommended today!

The subject matter is rare, and the length is not long. It tells the “old age” American drama of “aging, death, loneliness” in a joking way —

“The Kominsky Method”

“The Kominsky Method” tells the old life of two old men. It is a comedy. It tells us about the crisis of old age and how the two protagonists dealt with it in a joking way.

It is funny and tearful, there is no mourning, and there is no madness. I believe that the audience who has seen it will be moved by their story.

The main creative lineup is extremely strong. The creator of the series is Chuck Lorry, the producer and screenwriter of “The Big Bang Theory” and “Little Shelton”.

The protagonists are two Hollywood bigwigs, one is Alan Akin. (“Little Sunshine” won the Oscar for Best Actor)

The other is Michael Douglas. (“Wall Street” won the Oscar for Best Actor)

Both of these are well-recognized old actors in the industry and have won countless awards.

Even if not to talk about the life enlightenment, “The Kominsky Method” is also an excellent drama. The performance of the two old drama bones is natural and makes the whole drama very comfortable.

Of course, the most fun part of this show is the ridicule and ridicule of the two old men. After watching it, I can’t help but laugh.

For example: Is there a pure friendship between men and women?

They say “According to life experience, only love with X is the case.”

After teasing, I found that suffering is inevitable.

After all, “born as a man is destined to suffer.”

But after thinking about it, you will find that this is actually nothing, after all, it will always pass.

Pain does not mean that you cannot enjoy life.

Currently, “The Kominsky Method” has a total of two seasons, with 9.2 and 9.3 points on Douban.

Each episode has only 8 episodes, and one episode only has twenty or thirty minutes.

Laughter with tears, warmth and beauty.

“The Kominsky Method” is not a drama filmed specifically for the elderly, young people should watch it.

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