“The Afterparty” Review: Anyone Can Be a Protagonist

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If there is any new trend in the American drama industry, probably since “Only Murders in the Building” became popular last year, comedy and suspense works began to emerge one by one. For example, “The Afterparty” recently streamed by Apple, the film has done a good job of suspense and comedy, so it received very high reviews when it was released.

The cast of this drama are basically old acquaintances of American dramas. Just looking at this lineup makes people feel that there is huge potential.

The mystery in “The Afterparty” revolves around a murder.

"The Afterparty" Review: Anyone Can Be a Protagonist

A group of middle-aged people came to attend the 15th anniversary alumni meeting of high school graduation, and the focus of the night was Xavier, who had become a big star.

Aniq heard that Zoe, a female classmate he liked in high school, had divorced, and he regarded this party as a new opportunity for him to catch up with Zoe again. His good friend Yasper encouraged Aniq to act throughout.

Aniq and Zoe’s reunion goes well, but Xavier’s interjection gives Aniq a sense of yesterday’s reenactment.

Zoe’s ex-husband and fellow classmate Brett tries to reconnect with his ex-wife at the alumni meeting.

Xavier invited Zoe to his mansion for a small party after the alumni association, and Aniq, Yasper, and Brett also went to Xavier’s house by accident.

"The Afterparty" Review: Anyone Can Be a Protagonist

There are also hypocritical couples Jennifer and Kelvin at the party, the former class leader who is now in a mess Chelsea, the unremarkable classmate Walt who no one remembers, the weird female classmate Genevieve, and others.

The party went on slowly, and fewer and fewer people attended. Suddenly, the few remaining classmates suddenly found that Xavier fell from his mansion and died on the beach under the cliff.

Police arrived quickly, and policewoman Danner and her partner Culp began investigating Xavier’s death.

It looks like an ordinary high school class reunion, but there are undercurrents in private. This subject matter is not new at all.

Or when a group of people with different interests get together, there is an unexpected death case, and everyone has a motive to be a murderer. This kind of story is also not new.

"The Afterparty" Review: Anyone Can Be a Protagonist

“The Afterparty” can’t be considered too special innovation in the routine, but on the one hand, the suspenseful story is well done, on the other hand, it is funny and mocking of similar themes. The execution of the whole details is quite good.

“The Afterparty” is a typical way of telling the same story through different characters and different perspectives, and finally slowly uncovering the mystery.

In this story, detective Danner is mainly responsible for solving the case, but Aniq and Yasper are also quietly trying to solve the mystery.

The whole process of solving the puzzle is to flash back to different angles of the party that night, and finally learn the whole story from various small clues.

In the first four episodes released so far, Aniq, Brett, Yasper and Chelsea have all told their own stories, and they have not been able to guess the answer for the time being, and they have done a very good job in suspense.

"The Afterparty" Review: Anyone Can Be a Protagonist

Since it is suspenseful and funny, “The Afterparty” playing punch line is also a feature.

The whole story is rubbed into a lot of fixed routines of similar themes, and semi-sarcastically, the play has been made into a cross-genre work.

There is suspense, hilarity, and ridicule, but not only suspense, not only humor, but also ridicule.

“The Afterparty” is not only a combination of various elements in the whole play, but even different episodes have different styles because different characters see the story from different angles.

"The Afterparty" Review: Anyone Can Be a Protagonist

For example, from Aniq’s point of view, what happened that night was like a romantic comedy.

From Brett’s point of view, he was like a very skilled hero that night.

From Yasper’s perspective, it’s a musical comedy.

In Chelsea’s story, that night was obviously a thriller.

As Danner said at the beginning, everyone is the protagonist of their own story.

“The Afterparty” has only 8 episodes in total. After the first three episodes are released, the next one is more like an episode every week. The current rating is very high, and it is really pretty.

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