“The Dropout‎” Review: Amanda Seyfried’s incredible acting

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Adapted from a true story, “The Dropout‎” tells the story of Elisabeth, a self-made blood-testing company from a family of high-level intellectuals.

After becoming a billionaire, it was revealed that the blood test company’s test was a shocking scam, and he was eventually charged with multiple fraud charges and his worth plummeted.

"The Dropout‎": Amanda Seyfried's incredible acting

Through Amanda’s excellent performance and the excellent production of the main creative team of the crew, people can’t stop chasing it.

Amanda Seyfried’s amazing acting

Amanda, who plays the heroine Elisabeth, has completely exploded in her acting skills in the play. In the early days, she focused on the research field of science and engineering girls, the stubbornness of pursuing her own entrepreneurial dreams, and the ignorance of ignoring interpersonal emotions.

And in the middle and late stage, he knew that the research and development had not yet succeeded, but he had to find venture capital companies everywhere to inject funds. The self-confidence, crazy and fragile ambivalence of deceiving others only if he succeeded in deceiving himself was super perfect.

"The Dropout‎": Amanda Seyfried's incredible acting

There is a scene in the play where she looks in the mirror with a low voice as if to convince herself, but at the same time she seems to be convincing her entrepreneurial partners who do not agree with her to get through the difficulties with lies, which makes people feel a sense of tension and oppression.

And the small details of this voice change will appear in the scene from time to time when she needs to appear in the future to convince important people in the industry, or to deceive herself into believing in herself. The delicate and exquisite interpretation is more than addictive.

The compact and uninterrupted rhythm that the drama party loves

"The Dropout‎": Amanda Seyfried's incredible acting

The neat, crisp and smooth plot rhythm is definitely a key point to praise “The Dropout‎”. From the beginning of 2000 to 2013, Elizabeth went from studying at Stanford University to starting a business and establishing Theranos blood test company, and working with grassroots It is no longer a situation for employees to have revolutionary friendships to insist on their own personnel; Elizabeth brings out the change in her character through the change of dress and style, and even in general dramas, the characters are emotionally entangled. Decided to reveal the truth to the media in private… They are all presented with a fast-paced breakpoint transition to the next scene, and it is already a complete shooting technique. The Dropout‎ “The shopping mall, such as a battlefield, and a successful startup all need to pursue the integrity of speed and efficiency.

Real Sociology You Must See in Workplace Life

Because the plot stretches all the way from the school’s passionate academic dream to the business reality of founding Theranos blood testing company.

"The Dropout‎": Amanda Seyfried's incredible acting

Edmund, Rakish, and Ian, who followed Elizabeth to pursue her dreams in the early days of her business, could not agree that she would do anything to succeed, and her original ideals had deteriorated to struggle and loss.

The passionate young employees who are full of longing for Theranos blood testing company and Elizabeth’s halo personality should choose to be loyal to their profession and conscience and muster the courage to expose the truth.

Or in order to save the hard-earned high-paying jobs and avoid being blocked by rich and powerful companies in the industry and choose to remain silent. These realistic and cruel situations are real things, and they are also the reality that many people in the workplace will encounter, which also makes people chase dramas even more. Feeling invested.

Exclusive, factual investigation, media responsibility under high pressure

This part of the deception exposed by the media seems to be the highlight of this week’s finale.

"The Dropout‎": Amanda Seyfried's incredible acting

As Dr. Richard agreed to pursue Elizabeth’s blood test data falsification and other relevant evidence and insiders, he broke the news to the newspaper reporter and asked the reporter to report the feasibility of the report to the senior management. You can also see the newspaper office. In assessing the true nature of news sources, the safety and future development of whistleblowers.

The sense of responsibility of these media people is even more looking forward to Elizabeth’s use of the high-level political and business contacts on her board of directors to put pressure on the whistleblower newspaper this week, and those wonderful plots that will expose the truth and scam.

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