‘Ozark’ season 4 review: What to do as extremes loom

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After two years, Netflix released the first half of the fourth season of “Ozark”, and the story is slowly approaching its true climax.

The story continues in the last season, and the Byrde family is still troubled internally and externally.

'Ozark' season 4 review: What to do as extremes loom

At the end of last season, Marty and Wendy were taken to Mexico to watch Helen get killed in front of them.

Before they could recover from their shock, the couple were already sitting opposite the big drug lord Navarro.

Navarro wanted to “retire” and asked the Byrde couple to connect him with the FBI.

'Ozark' season 4 review: What to do as extremes loom

But it is not so easy for such a big drug lord with countless lives in his hands to retire easily and without consequences.

Navarro’s nephew, Javier, was very dissatisfied with his uncle’s choice between Helen and Byrde and wanted to kill Marty and Wendy.

Darlene, Wyatt and Ruth’s farms also started producing “products”, and Ruth found distribution, but how to launder money became a big problem.

At this time, Jonah, who fell out with his parents because of the murder of his uncle, chose to betray the family and launder money for Darlene.

'Ozark' season 4 review: What to do as extremes loom

While dealing with Darlene’s troubles around him, the FBI and Navarro are both chasing the results, while Javier is always threatening, and on the other hand, he has to find a way to expand his business territory, so as to launder money more conveniently.

It’s really a lot of work, and there’s no stopping it for a moment.

“Ozark” seems to be a typical anti-hero crime theme, the protagonists are doing “bad things”, the whole story is almost “bad guys”, and the audience can’t help but side with the protagonist.

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But what distinguishes it from other similar works is that the story of this play is very complicated, one by one.

While the audience can roughly guess how the story will develop, it’s hard to guess where it will go.

'Ozark' season 4 review: What to do as extremes loom

In this story, each character involved has their own purpose, and what they do is to achieve their own purpose.

It’s the rationality of each individual’s motives that makes this story full of unexpected conflicts and contradictions plausible, and there’s nothing far-fetched about turning for a turn.

Stories of this type generally do not lack the sudden death of a character that deliberately shocks the audience.

In this play, there are many, many plots like this, but it also doesn’t make people feel deliberate.

In “Ozark”, apart from the Byrde family and Ruth, other supporting characters actually come and go, shouldering the mission of tool people, but they are different from ordinary tool people.

'Ozark' season 4 review: What to do as extremes loom

Darlene, for example, is crazy and reckless, but she is also a serious competitor.

It’s her actions that bring unexpected twists to this season’s story.

Like Wyatt, who has mixed feelings about Darlene.

He does have feelings for Darlene, who is much older than him, but watching Darlene appear crazy and reckless again and again, he hesitates, and even the direction of Ruth’s story changes accordingly.

Another example is FBI agent Miller. She is one of the rare “positive characters” in the show, but her seemingly righteous actions completely changed the direction of the story. But again, her motives are reasonable.

'Ozark' season 4 review: What to do as extremes loom

Precisely because all the characters in this story are like this, the difficulties of the protagonists are constant, although they will basically be resolved to some extent in the end.

But the plot didn’t feel that way because they were the protagonists, and the strong sense of oppression was very obvious.

Of course, the protagonists of the story will always be the Byrde family, and Ruth, who is also a family to a certain extent.

In previous seasons, son Jonah has been helping his parents, and daughter Charlotte has tried to cut ties with her parents.

'Ozark' season 4 review: What to do as extremes loom

But in the last season, Jonah couldn’t forgive his parents because of what happened to his uncle Ben, and started fighting against them. Charlotte became a helper to her parents and even learned to threaten others.

Marty and Wendy love their children, of course, but they are getting deeper and deeper. Not only are they unable to escape, they even let their underage children work for the big drug lord. There are many stories to tell about this dysfunctional family relationship.

Teen rebellion isn’t scary, but it’s scary when a rebellious teenager deals with his own enemies and knows all his secrets that could kill the whole family.

Jonah watched his mother deliberately let his uncle go to die. He thought it was the family who survived, but unexpectedly, it turned out that the family could also sacrifice, which made Jonah unacceptable.

'Ozark' season 4 review: What to do as extremes loom

Parents doing things for drug lords and doing things that are not “right” can be considered as a last resort, but sacrificing their own family members, things are completely different.

He couldn’t help asking his sister, “Mum kills my uncle just like you killed me. Will you kill me?”

In contrast, Ruth, who has not been loved by her parents since she was a child, is different. For her, Marty is a little like her father and a teacher. She is a rare person in her life who really cares about her.

'Ozark' season 4 review: What to do as extremes loom

But it was also because of Marty that she lost Ben who loved her.

Ben’s death made Ruth realize once again that he had to escape this haunted place. But her plans are interrupted again and again, and things are always getting worse.

In fact, for almost all the characters in the play, things are constantly deteriorating, so the biggest attraction of this play is that the audience can’t wait to know how the protagonist will break through under such enormous pressure, or, if it ends .

“Ozark” is also a relatively early high-rated drama series on Netflix. Although the popularity has always been average, both the quality of the plot and the acting skills of the actors are very good works.

'Ozark' season 4 review: What to do as extremes loom

Julia Garner, who plays Ruth in the play, is really an actor with outstanding acting skills among the younger generation. Every time I watch Ruth’s play, people will sigh that this is really a promising actor.

“Inventing Anna,” in which she plays a con man who upsets New York’s upper echelons, also recently came out.

This season of “Ozark” has many unexpected plot developments, especially the last paragraph, which makes people look forward to the second half of the story.

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