“Maid”: 8 things you absolutely can’t miss

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Recently, a drama series “Maid” about domestic violence and the American social assistance system was released on Netflix. As soon as it was released, it received excellent reviews on websites such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb.

In the film, the sacrifice and perseverance of the single mother in the difficult life for her daughter’s future is distressing.

"Maid": 8 things you absolutely can't miss

“Maid” was released on October 1. According to the latest data released by Netflix, it has been viewed 67 million times in just three weeks.

It successfully surpassed “The Queen’s Gambit” as the most watched mini-series on the platform.

You must not miss these 8 things about “Maid”.

1.”Maid” story content

The story of “Maid” tells a single mother, Alex, who is at risk of domestic violence because her husband’s emotions are beginning to be uncontrollable.

"Maid": 8 things you absolutely can't miss

She took her three-year-old daughter and fled the house one night to start an independent life.

However, due to the social welfare system, the process of applying for assistance has been greatly hindered.

In the end, Alex became a household cleaning maid with no other options.

In the days of maid cleaning and living in a domestic violence shelter, she reviewed her family relationship and her daughter’s future.

2.”Maid” is adapted from a best-selling memoir

This heartbreaking story is based on the New York Times bestseller “Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother’s Will to Survive”.

"Maid": 8 things you absolutely can't miss

Author Stephanie Land published his story in 2019 focusing on domestic violence and poverty.

This book was also selected as the book list of former US President Obama.

He commented on the book this way: “A single mother’s private and determined perspective on American class divisions is a description of the living of many families and a reminder of respect for all jobs.”

3.Famous producer

Several producers of this film are very famous. For example, John Wells and Molly Smith Metzler are the producers and screenwriters of “Shameless” respectively.

"Maid": 8 things you absolutely can't miss

But the most well-known is definitely the goddess Margot Robbie.

She founded LuckyChap Entertainment in 2014, mainly focusing on female-oriented film and television works.

Like “I, Tonya”, “Birds of Prey”, “Promising Young Woman” starring Margot Robbie himself.

4.Who is the heroine?

Margaret Qualley is the heroine of the film. She has appeared in the American version of “Death Note” in the past and the famous director Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

"Maid": 8 things you absolutely can't miss

Who would have thought that the coquettish American woman in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” would become a young single mother with restrained emotions and determination in “Maid”.

And “Maid” is also regarded as the hottest of next year’s award season, this is definitely her masterpiece from filming.

5.The heroine’s mother is real

Actress Alex’s mother Paula is played by American actor Andie MacDowell.

"Maid": 8 things you absolutely can't miss

What is very special is that in reality she is the biological mother of the heroine Margaret Qualley.

This is the first screen collaboration between their mother and daughter.

6.How old is the little girl in the film?

A large part of the play describes the relationship between Alex and his daughter Maddy.

"Maid": 8 things you absolutely can't miss

Although Maddy is two or almost three years old in the script, the actor Rylea Nevaeh Whittet who plays the little girl Maddy in reality is actually five years old.

7.”Maid” was shot in Canada

“Maid” is a story about the United States, and it happened in Washington State in the western United States.

"Maid": 8 things you absolutely can't miss

However, it takes a lot of pictures of Vancouver Island and surrounding areas in Canada.

According to the local film and television committee, this film is currently the largest film and television shooting case in the area.

It is estimated that “Maid” spent at least 10 million U.S. dollars locally and employed a large number of local employees.

8.The author’s views on “Maid”

In an interview with CNN, Stephanie Land, the author of the original play and the protagonist of the story, mentioned how she felt after seeing her work filmed.

"Maid": 8 things you absolutely can't miss

“I think the show recognizes a lot of things, because of the things I have experienced in the past few years, I still question myself,’Are those really domestic violence?’ The situation is revealed. Watching with my family, they will turn around when they see the protagonist cleaning, “Is it really that bad?” Yes, it is true. I have always used the word “comfortable” to describe it because I watched them It’s really a great consolation for me to present my life in such a real way.”

Because of the realistic plot and the good acting skills of the starring group, “Maid” has gained a reputation in a short period of time, and it has been promoted to become the most popular mini-series at present.

The issue of domestic violence discussed in the play is more worthy of the audience’s thinking. Domestic violence is not limited to physical violence. Emotionally and economically, these are all types of domestic violence.

After watching the family relationship discussed in this series, the audience can also reflect on whether they have treated their close people in the same way, or found that the people around them are in such a situation.

And just like the reminder at the end of each episode of this show: Be sure to seek help.

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