“The Dropout” brings more people to know how Elizabeth Holmes deceived so many people

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“The Dropout” can indeed let more people know more about this girl who is staring and talking nonsense, what is the purpose of her doing this, and how did she get to where she is today.

At least from the perspective of the episode, Elizabeth Holmes has interpreted the words “quick success and instant profit” to the extreme.

"The Dropout" brings more people to know how Elizabeth Holmes deceived so many people

She wanted to be a millionaire since she was a child, she wanted to be a CEO since she was a child, and she only focused on ideas and how to market them, but she didn’t care whether her ideas were feasible.

It should be said that she is a group of loyal fans who were misled by Steve Jobs.

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Elizabeth Holmes thinks her job is to come up with an idea and make money. It wasn’t her job to make this idea a reality, so she didn’t care about learning at all, only about connections and opportunities.

It should be said that she went to Stanford to meet people who can help her realize her dream, not to study.

So she didn’t really study from the beginning of her freshman year, but quickly entered the path of cultivating a liar of “how to get money”, which greatly wasted her potential.

"The Dropout" brings more people to know how Elizabeth Holmes deceived so many people

In fact, it can be seen that she used to be a very hard-working and smart person, but she was too worshipping “quick” success and was too eager to gain recognition.

In fact, the reason why this story always attracts attention and is constantly brought up is because the whole incident is so absurd.

So many people believe her, but no real content comes out. How can this be done?

It seems that everyone is chasing an ideal: an ideal that can change the world and make money, and eagerly expect a young girl to break the rules and become a role model.

So one ideal is attached to another ideal without any foundation, and finally becomes a floating cloud~~

As for her deliberately lowering her voice, it can be seen in the play that she did it intentionally, mainly to gain more attention and respect in male-dominated shopping malls.

"The Dropout" brings more people to know how Elizabeth Holmes deceived so many people

She further imitated successful men in terms of words, deeds and clothing, but she found that in the end, these were not as effective as pretending to be pitiful to get money.

It can be seen in many female-themed stories that while they are resisting and resisting the patriarchal society, they are not using their true talents to prove themselves, but using the advantages of women to deceive sympathy.

The reason is that it is more effective and sees results faster.

Amanda Seyfried played very well, at least her voice was imitated very similar, her eyes were equally scary, and she was different from her usual sweetness.

I think she looks more suitable for the role than Jennifer Lawrence, although the latter has been rumored to play the role before.

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