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There is a similar proverb in the United Kingdom: “Give me a child until he is seven, and I will give you the man.” These two sentences contain the same truth: a person’s birth and growth environment usually determine the person’s life Towards.

However, is this really the case?


In order to verify the correctness of this sentence, and to present the status quo of the solidification of British society, directors Paul Almond and Michael Apter planned to shoot a series of experimental documentaries “Seven Years of Life”. The film crew recruited 14 7-year-old children born in different social classes from all over the UK. They started filming when they were 7 years old, and then every 7 years, they will visit those children that year to listen to their thoughts and observe their changes in life. .

“Seven Years of Life” has been broadcast since its first episode in 1964, and its ninth episode has been broadcast in 2019. The film uses the most direct and true perspective to show the truth about class and life. The audience also grows and grows older with the characters in the film, watching the passage of time and seeing through the vicissitudes of life.

Except for a few successful counterattacks, most of the children of those years followed the social class to which their parents belonged.

However, there is no standard answer to life. Everyone has different understandings of success, failure and happiness. Maybe some people didn’t achieve success in the secular sense when they grew up, but they got love and motivation from family or other fields, they were still optimistic and contented in their 60s, and believed that there were unlimited possibilities in their lives.

This series of documentaries is worthy of every young person to watch and think about, and then work hard to live their lives.

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