Fans don’t have to worry about “Black Panther 2”


Marvel fans don’t have to worry about the quality of the script of “Black Panther 2”.

“Black Panther 2” is a Marvel project that has attracted much attention.

Not only because the previous work “Black Panther 1” is Marvel’s first Oscar-winning work, but also because the protagonist Chadwick Bosman has left us forever. We hope to see a work that commemorates him.

Marvel fans don't have to worry about the quality of the script of "Black Panther 2".

In a few months, Marvel will start filming “Black Panther 2”, and many of the actors in the first part will return.

Angela Bessett, who plays the black panther mother in the film, shared the excitement of coming back. In “Good Morning America”, she said, “I am very excited, as you can imagine, very excited.”

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“Of course, we all know that something has changed-we will no longer put (the movie’s) heart and soul on Chadwick, but mentally, I know he will always be with us.”

As for the script of “Black Panther 2”, although Angela hasn’t seen it yet, she told fans that she doesn’t need to worry about the quality of the script.

“The fans of “Black Panther” are not worried about this because we have the fearless, outstanding and visionary leader Ryan Kugler as the screenwriter and director…”

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“He is a visionary director and a gentle soul. He encourages you in his own unique way and gives everyone the best things in a kind, gentle and persistent way, so I absolutely trust him.”

Everyone is very confident in the director. Then fans will wait for the release of “Black Panther 2”.

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