A Quiet Place 2: scheduled to be released on May 28

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The popular thriller “A Quiet Place 2” officially announced that it will land on the Chinese mainland market on May 28, which is this Friday, and it will be synchronized with North America. The freshness of movie rotten tomatoes is as high as 92%.

The film will continue to be directed and starred by John Krasinski, with Emily Blunt, Noah Yoppe, and Millison Simmons returning to star, and Kylian Murphy and Germaine Hansue are newly joined .

The film tells that after experiencing a fatal incident at home, the Abbots family must now face the horror of the outside world. They continue to fight for survival in silence. Forced to enter the unknown, they quickly realized that this creature that hunts by sound is not the only threat lurking on the sandy road.

The mother took the three children to the uncharted territory, and the difficult journey of survival in the doomsday is about to begin again.

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