The Marvel movie “Captain America 4” will become the “Captain America League”, and five Captain America are expected to appear!


The Marvel movie “Captain America 4” will become the “Captain America League”, and five Captain America are expected to appear!

As we all know, the first generation of Captain America Steve has retired. It is reasonable to say that there will be no “Captain America 4”, but because the Falcons have officially become the second generation of the American team in the series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, comic Wei believes that there must be a personal falcon film to prove the ability of the falcon, so he finally announced that “Captain America 4” will be released.

The protagonist of “Captain America 4” will be Falcon Sam Wilson, and the Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan will continue to play Sam’s escort role in the film. According to foreign media DanielRPK, “Captain America 4” There will also be various versions of Captain America, which has become the “Captain America League”. Let’s take a look at which American teams will join Captain America 4.

The process of Falcon becoming the second-generation Captain America was not easy. In the episode “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, it can be said that there were twists and turns. After all, Sam himself is of black descent. It is certainly not an easy task to become Captain America.

In “Captain America 4” Falcon will become the first actor. This is also Falcon’s first solo film. Marvel is likely to arrange the plot of Falcon to save the world to prove the great role of Falcon.

The American spy is John Walker, who was originally the new Captain America in the series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, but was removed from his position due to street killings and other reasons.

John Walker actually wants to be Captain America all his life, so he has been imitating the American team’s fighting style. He can skillfully use shields and is proficient in unarmed combat skills. After being injected with the super soldier serum, his fighting style is even closer. Steve, the first Captain America.

Although John Walker did not eventually become the second-generation Captain America, he became an American spy. Marvel defined him as an “anti-hero” Captain America. In another way, he became Captain America. He will be in ” Appeared in Captain America 4″.

In the series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, an elderly black super soldier appeared, that is, Isaiah, and his great-grandson Elijah is the patriot in the comics.

Elijah inherited the super soldier gene of his great-grandfather and possessed a physique that surpassed the limits of humans. Because he admired Captain America and the Winter Soldier, his equipment was a shield and his uniform was modeled after the Winter Soldier.

At that time, the Falcon in “Captain America 4” will definitely be in big trouble, Elijah is likely to complete the transformation in the movie, become a patriot, and then help the Falcon to fight the enemy together.

Interestingly, DanielRPK broke the news and revealed that a female version of Captain America is likely to appear in “Captain America 4”, but there is no specific information for the specific female Captain America.

However, in the comics, there is indeed a female Captain America, Sharon Rogers, who is the daughter of the original American team and Peggy. She comes from other parallel universes. This setting is actually in line with the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, so we will say The uncertain female Captain America is really Steve’s daughter.

In “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, there have been many remarks made by the original Captain America on the moon. This is of course a Marvel metaphor, implying that Captain America is still alive and in an isolated place.

Therefore, the first generation of Captain America in “Captain America 4” is likely to appear as a guest, and there will be a dialogue between the new Captain America and the second generation of Captain America, which reflects the heritage between Captain America and can also move the audience to tears.

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