A Quiet Place 2: Come again after 3 years


In 2018, a small-cost thriller horror film became popular all over the world, and it has also become a favorite of many horror movie lovers. That is the thriller “A” that finally won the box office of US$213 million with a cost of US$17 million. Quiet Place”,

Three years later, the sequel to the movie “A Quiet Place 2” hit again.

Not only did he release a brand-new poster silently like the name of the movie, but he also made a big move, announcing that the movie will be released simultaneously in mainland China and North America on May 28. It has already been watched in advance. Judging by the film critics’ postscript, this is definitely an excellent thriller that does not lose to the previous one. While continuing the silent horror world full of unknowns, it also brings a more thrilling plot.

At present, the freshness of “A Quiet Place 2” on Rotten Tomatoes is as high as 93%, which also shows the media’s recognition of this film. Same as the previous film, this film is also produced by Paramount Pictures, The famous director John Krasinski took on the responsibilities of screenwriter, director and starring, and joined hands with Hollywood’s super-popular queen Emily Blunt to lead the lead role. The same formula brings an extraordinary new experience. .

Audiences who have watched “A Quiet Place” know that the special feature of this movie is that it creates a horrible atmosphere of “you will die if you speak out” for the audience. Monsters with sharp hearing attack the earth and rely on sound to find human beings. To avoid the attacks of monsters, you have to be cautious not to make any sound, so the whole process of watching the movie is basically “silent”, but some sounds are unavoidable, so every time the audience hears a sudden sound After that, they will receive a crit and slaughter from a large number of monsters.

This also caused the movie to be deadly silent most of the time, as well as the accumulated depressive atmosphere, and then waited for the node to have a sudden horror sound effect. I have to say that this movie is really the same as all previous horror film types. It’s not the same, which is one of the reasons for the fire of “A Quiet Place”.

Judging from the trailers released by the filmmakers of “A Quiet Place 2,” the story of the film closely follows the predecessor. It tells the story of the hero Lee Abbott, played by John Krasinski, who has given his own money for protecting the family. Life, and the heroine Evelyn (Emily Blunt), in order to survive, had to take her newborn child and her eldest son and eldest daughter to leave the hut, and continue to escape monster attacks on the way to escape, and Strive to find a new foothold in the story.

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The dead male protagonist will appear in the film in the form of memories, and new characters will also appear in the trailer. It is difficult to tell whether these humans fleeing together are enemies or friends, but one thing is certain, in “A Quiet” In the movie “Place 2”, the threat to the family will no longer only be due to monsters, but also complex and indistinguishable humans, people who are already unsure of their hearts.

The style of the entire trailer also reveals a terrifying sense of horror. It can also be seen from the poster that the dark red tone of the blockbuster suggests unknown, and Evelyn is alone in her arms with the baby, and a pair of equally weak children is standing behind her. , Sad and worried eyes do not know where to look, just from this poster can make the audience feel the deep and dangerous sense of depression and horror.

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Moreover, it is not difficult to see from the interviews with the main creators that “A Quiet Place 2” is not only a continuation of the previous work, but also an ingenious upgrade. The monster that appeared with afterimages every time in the first part finally wants to Showing her true face in front of the audience will greatly increase the horror index of the whole movie. At the same time, Evelyn, who chose “Thirty-Six Tactics as the Best Tactics” in the first part, experienced her husband’s death. , Finally decided to launch a counterattack against the monsters, a head-on duel between humans and monsters is about to start.

Leading actor Emily Blunt also praised the director and actor’s brain in the interview, and said that the second part greatly expanded the world view. It is not only a contest between humans and monsters, but also a test of human nature. The analysis of human nature far exceeds “A Quiet Place” in terms of both the core and the final effect.

I believe that many netizens who love horror movies can’t wait for this “A Quiet Place 2”. I don’t know if you are also looking forward to the release of this movie in front of the screen?

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