A Quiet Place 2:From dodging to proactively attacking monsters


From dodging to taking the initiative, the thriller “A Quiet Place 2” is full of highlights.

On May 28th, the thrilling and suspenseful masterpiece “A Quiet Place 2” produced by Paramount Pictures will be released simultaneously in North America.

On May 27, the film released the “Silent Counterattack” version of the trailer. The Albert family, who had been avoiding monsters to survive carefully, broke out in silence, and the fight against the monsters was about to start.

The film is directed by John Krasinski and starred by Hollywood actress Emily Blunt.

In “A Quiet Place”, the Albert family used various methods to carefully hide from the monsters. The plot left a deep impression on people.

When the story comes to the second part, Evelyn and her children, who are looking for a new shelter, still hope to survive by escape and hiding at the beginning.

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But as the monsters became more rampant and more survivors appeared, Evelyn realized that perhaps taking the initiative is a better way to save herself.

It is not difficult to see from the trailer that whether it is Evelyn’s determination to raise the gun, her daughter Reagan’s solo adventure, or the new character Emott still chooses to go head-on in the face of monsters, it will suppress the outbreak of humans in a panic environment. The strong courage is vividly displayed.

When humans decide to start a life-and-death duel with monsters, it means that compared to the previous work, “A Quiet Place 2” will have more intense action scenes, and of course more horror actions by monsters.

Director John Krasinski said: “We will see them appearing in the daytime, in the water, in the fire, fighting, and even reacting to weapons. They have never been attacked by weapons. So how do they respond? The process of exploring the answers to these questions is fun.”

The Albert family’s transition from “how to avoid monsters” to “how to defeat monsters” made the film more powerful on the basis of continuing to create a thrilling atmosphere.

Judging from the current public praise, the movie viewing experience of “A Quiet Place 2” is well received, and the freshness of rotten tomatoes is as high as 92%.

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