Filming of “Disenchanted” starts in Ireland, with Amy Adams returning to starring


On May 18, Disney’s new film “Disenchanted” released a scene photo of the film by Amy Adams and director Adam Shankman, announcing the film’s opening in Ireland.

“Disenchanted” was released in 2007. It tells the story of Princess Giselle in the fairy tale world, who was exiled to modern New York by the evil queen on the eve of her marriage with Prince Edward. She met the lawyer Robert, and the two got married in love. This atypical love story of a princess and prince has been loved by the audience and has earned 340 million US dollars in box office worldwide.

Unexpectedly, 14 years later, the sequel to “Enchanted” is coming.

“Disenchanted” basically achieved the return of all members. Amy Adams returned to play Princess Giselle, Patrick Dempsey returned to play Robert, James Madsden returned to play Prince Edward, and Idina Menzel returned to play South Akane, but Robert’s daughter Morgan may hire a new actor because the original young actor has grown up. In addition, the seven dwarfs of Snow White will also appear in the film, and there are many scenes.

15 years after the story of the film, Princess Giselle, Robert and Morgan moved to a new house in the suburbs. Giselle made a wish to turn their lives into a perfect fairy tale. However, the spell had a dramatic counter-effect. Forcing Giselle to rescue her family and the kingdom of Andalusia before midnight.

The film is expected to be online streaming Disney+ in 2022.

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