“The Tomorrow War”: Fight against future alien monsters!


The American science fiction action film “The Tomorrow War” was launched on July 2. In the fierce exchange of fire, the earthlings of the past and the future unite to fight a world war with terrible aliens.

Chris Pratt, who starred in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series of movies and the “Jurassic World” series, plays the leading role. Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, and others also participated in the film. Directed by Chris McKay, produced by Sky Dance.

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“The Tomorrow War” tells the story of a group of soldiers coming to the earth in 2051, sending an urgent message: in the future they will lose to the deadly alien species (Whitespikes) in a global war.

"The Tomorrow War": Fight against future alien monsters!

They must recruit soldiers and civilians from now, and transport them to join the battle in the future.

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Dan Forester, a high school teacher played by Chris Pratt, is a family carer, determined to save the world for his young daughter.

He teamed up with a talented scientist and his estranged father to fight, desperately rewriting the fate of the planet.

"The Tomorrow War": Fight against future alien monsters!

The action scenes and special effects of the film are undoubtedly, the alien monster attack is like “World War Z”.

Alien monsters feed on humans, and their blood basins open their teeth and dance their claws. The movie saves the world by traveling through time and space, and restores family and affection.

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Throughout the story, in the “confined space” surrounded by Whitespikes, the civilian squad kills the blood, and the male protagonist has a halo.

"The Tomorrow War": Fight against future alien monsters!

The team came to the future only to obtain Whitespikes’ natural enemy poison, and then return to the present day to find the source of Whitespikes’ fortune and stop losses in time.

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“The Tomorrow War” pays tribute to the classic scenes of many movies, especially the curiosity at the end of the Russian ice and snow underground, which resembles the thrilling atmosphere of “The Thing”.

It is reported that Amazon spent $200 million to acquire “The Tomorrow War” from Paramount Pictures.

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This also makes “The Tomorrow War” one of the most costly streaming movies in history!

With only “Star-Lord” carrying the flag, Amazon is still willing to buy “The Tomorrow War” at such a high price, which shows the excellent strength of this film.

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