Chris Pratt:How does a funny fat guy become an action hero?

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Small figures have a day to be heroes! Now 42-year-old Chris Pratt perfectly interprets the counter-attack life of how Millennial Green Leaf has soared to become a top-notch master.

The “Star-Lord” in “Guardians of the Galaxy”, let us see for the first time this “hero” who is the least like a hero.

In the subsequent “Jurassic World”, Chris Pratt became the “Dragon Trainer” and continued to soar in popularity at the box office.

As a unique Hollywood actor, Chris Pratt is now out of the “Galaxy” and “Jurassic World”, blockbuster films have been scheduled, and new works have been released one after another.

Chris Pratt:How does a funny fat guy become an action hero?

In the action sci-fi film “The Tomorrow’s War”, which is launched on Amazon Prime Video today, Dan, played by Chris Pratt, will travel to the future to fight against brutal aliens and save the world in this war that determines the fate of mankind.

In this way, let’s review Chris Pratt’s more dramatic and exciting counterattack life than the movie, and see how this Marvel hero, dinosaur domesticator, and future savior has been developed step by step.

From “soldier salesman” to “dream-seeking showbiz”

Chris Pratt, born in Minnesota in 1979, was a veritable “horror king” before he was 19 years old.

This kid, who grew up in a high school, didn’t catch a cold at learning this matter, but was talented in wrestling.

After graduating from high school and spending a semester at a community college, Chris Pratt dropped out of school to go to the fore.

During this period he worked in various professions: weeder, waiter, coupon salesman, and even stripper.

Before discovering his true interests and talents, Pratt might just want to have such a leisurely day of chaos.

As for the acquisition of actor literacy, he may have to thank him for his work experience in an MLM company.

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From the age of 18, Pratt began to do door-to-door sales of coupons for a MLM company.

“You have to pretend to be confident in front of a group of strangers, remember a lot of things in your head, and have the skills to blurt out at any time.”

The sales work has fully exercised his ability to deal with unfamiliar environments and strangers, so that he can quickly enter a state of excitement. These are the qualities that actors need to hone.

At the age of 19, Pratt simply moved to Maui, Hawaii, to work, “lived” in a minivan, and became an idle homeless man.

Chris Pratt:How does a funny fat guy become an action hero?

If he continues to live like this, there will be no Star-Lord today.”

Pratt’s life script is like a movie full of surprises and surprises.

While working at Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant (the famous “Forrest Gump” theme restaurant), he met actor and director Rae Dawn Chong, who was looking for a starring role in her film.

Pratt, who is “not afraid of strangers,” took the initiative to approach him, “You are making movies, I especially want to make movies.”

“Yeah, I think you are pretty cute, do you know how to act?”

In this way, he got the first role in his life with absolute confidence and humor, dropped his little broken car, and flew to Hollywood with Rae Dawn Chong.

Chris Pratt rampage into Hollywood “Fun Fat Man” Transformed into “Mighty Man”

As an actor for the first time, Pratt received only $750 in pay, but he found his passion and interest in acting.

So, he started his career as an actor while being a surf instructor while participating in various auditions.

In large and small film and television dramas, although he played the supporting roles of some second-hands and low, it was these roles that honed his acting skills.

Since 2007, Pratt’s film appointments began to increase.

In the movie “Wanted” that year, the soy sauce-playing Parat was beaten in front of the front teeth by the keyboard, which is undoubtedly the most impressive.

Chris Pratt:How does a funny fat guy become an action hero?

By 2009, Pratt’s acting career has ushered in a turning point.

In the American drama “Parks and Recreation” that year, Pratt played the stupid and cute Andy Dwyer, who was covered in fat and was extremely funny and tricky. His natural sense of humor gave this temporary role Super popular.

After that, Parat was promoted to the fixed team of the series.

This year, Parat can be described as a double blossom of career and love.

In the comedy “Take Me Home Tonight” and later in the romantic film “What”s Your Number?”, Anna Faris, who had worked with Pratt, was captured by Pratt’s sense of humor, and Palla Especially smoothly embraced the beauty.

However, this marriage lasted for eight years.

Later, Palat and “Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eldest daughter Catherine Schwarzenegger dated and formed a new family, this is something to follow.

In 2010, Pratt, who was unwilling to be only a thousand-year-old in the comedy, actively prepared to participate in “Moneyball”.

Chris Pratt:How does a funny fat guy become an action hero?

In order to seize this good opportunity to play a rivalry with Brad Pitt and other big guys, he assured the director that the filming day would be “exclusive and completely new”.

As a result, he started the “fast weight loss” mode and trained with the former National League Baseball players for six consecutive weeks, using tenacious perseverance to lose 18 kilograms.

Facts have proved that the choice of director Bennett Miller was not wrong.

Palat not only succeeded in losing weight, but also shaved off his beard, put away his funny character, and played an excellent baseball player.

As an injured catcher, he was forced to become a first baseman and hit a key home run.

Even the audience couldn’t believe that the deep man on the screen was Andy who gagged and scorned.

Two years later, he got another role in “Zero Dark Thirty”-a soldier in the US Navy SEALs.

Chris Pratt:How does a funny fat guy become an action hero?

Parat realized that it is not enough to interpret this character to lose weight alone. He must train a perfect muscle.

He said, “If I want to play a special soldier, I have to train to be as strong as them. I can’t shame these real soldiers.”

So, Parat went directly to the troops to exercise.

Sure enough, in the film, we saw his unprecedented good figure and tough side. Of course, his role is also the one who talks the most among the SEALs and has its own characteristics.

However, he didn’t want to embark on the road of tough guys. The kind colleagues in “Elle” once again returned to their “natural colors” with the image of a big belly.

In fact, Pratt once wanted to keep getting fat in this way, even though he also had a dream of being a hero.

However, the experience of being eliminated from the interview with “Star Trek” and “Avatar” made him feel that he might not have a relationship with a certain type of role.

I heard that when “Guardians of the Galaxy” was looking for a starring role, Pratt still participated in the interview with the mentality of the last fight.

Chris Pratt:How does a funny fat guy become an action hero?

Director James Francis Gunn Jr. began to have a “prejudice” towards this fat man, but Pratt quickly attracted everyone’s attention with his acting ability and unexpectedly won the opportunity.

So he started to lose weight and gain muscle again.

This hero is a little foolish, but he must not be sloppy in his image. Parat decided to complete his first heroic male lead performance in his most handsome posture.

Two series of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World”

In 2014, the hot screening of “Guardians of the Galaxy” made Pratt, a third-line actor who has been “at the bottom” for many years, become a hot international star in Hollywood.

Whether in or out of the play, this funny brawny man ushered in a shocking counterattack with the strength and character he accumulated over the years.

Chris Pratt:How does a funny fat guy become an action hero?

The “Star-Lord” who turned out to take a walkman, danced vigorously, sang suddenly before the battle and became intoxicated by his performance…

Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy fits almost perfectly with the role of “Star-Lord”.

Unlike the inherent image of traditional heroes, the stubborn, humorous “Star-Lord” makes people feel more genuine and down-to-earth, and their relaxed and straightforward personality is even more pleasing.

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However, the image of “Star-Lord” is not only created by playing tricks.

There is a wonderful play in the film. Pratt and Dave Bautista rehearsed for two and a half months.

However, two days before the filming, the director decided to abandon the arranged actions and chose the one-shot method to complete the filming.

They only had a few hours to prepare. In order to achieve perfect results, the scene was filmed 22 times.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Pratt played in his true colors.

The release of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the high popularity brought by “Star-Lord” have allowed Pratt to start filming appointments.

Chris Pratt:How does a funny fat guy become an action hero?

In 2015, Pratt starred in “Jurassic World”, the reboot of “Jurassic Park” produced by Steven Allan Spielberg

He changed his humorous personality in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and became a tough veteran “Dragon Trainer”.

The movie finally sold wildly, winning 1.67 billion US dollars in the global box office.

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It even surpassed the 1.5 billion box office record held by “Avengers” for three years, becoming the third box office movie after “Avatar” and “Titanic” at that time.

The “Jurassic” IP was successfully resurrected, and the next two titles were set up immediately. Pratt and the “Jurassic” series can be regarded as mutual achievements.

After that, Pratt starred in the western action film “The Magnificent Seven”, second only to Denzel Washington.

He also partnered with Jennifer Lawrence and starred in blockbusters such as the science fiction romance “Passengers”.

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The film remuneration also jumped to 12 million US dollars, at this time Pratt has become a Hollywood first-line actor.

Chris Pratt:How does a funny fat guy become an action hero?

From Funny Fatty, Hunshi Demon King, Thousand Years Green Leaf to today’s first-line superstar, Pratt has truly staged a successful counterattack.

In the fiercely competitive Hollywood, Pratt can stand out because of his ability to freely switch between funny fat and superheroes and his colorful personality.

Carefully count, Hollywood has almost no actor who collided with him.

Even in the “Chris” super-British movies (“Captain America” ​​Chris Evans, “Thor” Chris Hemsworth, DC’s Chris Pine), Pratt’s The recognition of acting skills is also the most obvious.

Chris Pratt:How does a funny fat guy become an action hero?

Coupled with his shrinking control of his strong willpower, Pratt can be regarded as the most inspirational existence in contemporary Hollywood.

In October last year, Pratt was hit by hot searches due to political leanings and the “homophobia” controversy, and became a target of public criticism.

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He has always been blunt and straightforward, but this time he “not said a word”, chose not to respond, and avoided the ferment of the storm in a low-key and witty manner.

At that time, Iron Man, Hulk and James Gunn were all actively helping him speak.

Although it is not “everyone loves Pratt”, people familiar with him in the circle are on his side, which shows Pratt’s popularity.

After the turmoil, a foothold in Hollywood has to rely on works to speak.

“The Tomorrow War” launched today, science fiction, action, traversal, doomsday heroes, familiar elements, look forward to Pratt’s different performance.

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In the next year, Pratt starred in “Jurassic World 3”, “Guardians of the Galaxy 3”, “Thor 4” and several blockbuster sequels to be released.

He will also co-star in an action comedy with “Wolf Warriors” Wu Jing-the Hollywood version of “Saigon Bodyguards”.

Chris Pratt:How does a funny fat guy become an action hero?

Today, Pratt in Hollywood is roughly equal to his father-in-law Schwarzenegger’s position in the field of action movies.

Of course, there is still a certain gap, and the style is also different. This is also a kind of fate.

In addition to creating humor, Pratt can also act as a tough guy. The Small figures used to be, now have two series of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World”.

The confident Pratt continues to create more possibilities, bringing us hilarious laughter and dazzling fierce battles.

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