The media revealed that Justin Lin quit “Fast & Furious 10” insider, Universal will lose millions of dollars a day

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“Fast & Furious 10” just started shooting last week, and director Justin Lin suddenly announced his withdrawal on the grounds of “creative differences”, which shocked many people.

Recently, the media “Variety” interviewed many industry insiders, trying to find the real reason for Justin Lin’s withdrawal (the answer is actually not difficult to guess), and pointed out that a production crew without a director would lose millions of dollars for one day of shutdown.

The media revealed that Justin Lin quit "Fast & Furious 10" insider, Universal will lose millions of dollars a day

“Variety” pointed out that at present, “Fast & Furious 10” only group B is still shooting some scenes without the main character in the UK, and group A has completely stopped work.

People familiar with the production process of Hollywood blockbusters say that a single day off for a big-star production crew costs between $600 and $1 million.

The important thing is that big stars like Jason Momoa and Charlize Theron have very tight schedules. If they can’t resume filming, they may go to other crews to film.

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When the schedule is coordinated, Global’s losses will be even greater.

Exit statement in “Fast & Furious” font

The media revealed that Justin Lin quit "Fast & Furious 10" insider, Universal will lose millions of dollars a day

Analysts believe that Justin Lin’s exit statement was not sent through his own social media or brokerage company, but through the “Fast & Furious” official social media account, using the “Fast & Furious” special font, which can be side-checked: Justin Lin discussed the withdrawal with Universal in advance, and the filmmakers were not caught off guard. It is estimated that they were looking for a replacement director very early.

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To keep the style consistent, Universal should look for directors who are familiar with the subject matter.

For example, Rob Cohen who made “The Fast and the Furious‎”, James Wan who made “Furious 7‎”, F. Gary Gray who made “The Fate of the Furious‎”, and “Fast & Furious Presents: David Leitch of Hobbs & Shaw‎.

Rob Cohen on the set of “The Fast and the Furious‎”

Among these directors, Rob Cohen has not directed a film since 2018, and has been embroiled in allegations of sexual harassment in recent years.

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However, when he promoted the film “The Hurricane Heist‎” in 2018, he said that he hoped to direct the final episode of the series to complete a cycle.

F. Gary Gray is currently directing the Netflix original film “Lyft” (starring Kevin Hart); David Leitch is working with Universal on “Fall Guy” starring High Commander, and he probably has no spare time, and James Wan is busy “Aquaman and the Lost” Kingdom” later period.

The media revealed that Justin Lin quit "Fast & Furious 10" insider, Universal will lose millions of dollars a day

“Variety” believes that when a first-line director like James Wan comes in, he must revise the script, which not only involves time, but also needs to discuss with producers and investors.

As we all know, Vin Diesel is the real leader of the series, the producer of the film, and he’s never been shy about publicly expressing his displeasure with the film’s creative decisions.

“Variety” revealed that on April 20, Vin Diesel posted the first draft of the script for “Fast & Furious 10”, written by Justin Lin and Dan Mazeau.

The script does not feature Jordana Brewster’s Mia, the younger sister of Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto.

Vin Diesel wrote, “I’m so disappointed, I don’t know how to proceed.” Soon after, Vin Diesel got what he wanted, and Jordana Brewster eventually joined the film.

Vin Diesel’s grip on the series is also reflected in his relationship with Johnson, whose strained relationship kept him out of “F9: The Fast Saga‎”.

Vin Diesel also publicly called for Johnson to return before filming of “Fast & Furious 10” began, but Johnson refused.

So Vin Diesel can be the director himself?

The media pointed out that the actor had directed a short film “Los Bandoleros” about Dominic Toretto in 2009, the story took place before “Fast & Furious‎”, and Vin Diesel also directed a feature film “Lost” in 1997.

However, the media believes that it is clear that Universal still hopes that a more experienced director will be in charge of this blockbuster.

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