What can you expect from “The Tomorrow War 2”?

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Starring Hollywood movie star Chris Pratt and directed by Chris McKay, the new sci-fi action film “The Tomorrow War” is said to have cost 200 million US dollars to build.

The film was scheduled to be released by Paramount Pictures in the United States on Christmas Day in December 2020.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic, it will be postponed to July 2021.

From January to April 2021, Amazon Studios acquired the distribution rights for US$200 million, and it will be broadcast on (Amazon Prime Video) from July 2.

“The Tomorrow War”: Cost of 200 million dollars, just shot a low-end version of “The Great Wall”? 

Due to the fear of serious spoilers, most of the audience’s viewing experience will be affected in the future.

So this article mainly discusses the possibility of a movie sequel, and avoids too many spoiler descriptions of the “The Tomorrow War” movie itself.

So viewers who haven’t watched this movie can read this article without worry.

This will not affect your later viewing experience, and will even help you better understand the movie during the viewing process.

What can you expect from "The Tomorrow War 2"?

Almost a week after the movie “The Tomorrow War” was aired, it received mixed reviews from film critics.

But the ambitious storyline and protagonist performance resonated with ordinary audiences, so director Chris McKay couldn’t wait to express his desire for a possible sequel.

But be realistic, the plot of the film is full of loopholes, inconsistencies, meaningless shots and CGI action scenes.

At the same time, there is no further exploration of the theme of the story. If there is no sequel, it would be a great regret.

1.What are the potential storylines of “The Tomorrow War 2”?

The ending of the movie is still a little open, leaving a lot of possibilities for the storyline of “The Tomorrow War 2”.

Even this method used to save the future has become the source of future wars. “The Tomorrow War 2” can be extended in this way.

What can you expect from "The Tomorrow War 2"?

In this case, Dan has been working so hard to save the future human beings from the carnage of alien creatures, but in fact, he has inadvertently become the main driver of destroying the future.

It was he who freed the aliens from their predicament and led to the attack of the aliens in the future.

This kind of plot setting is still very interesting. Of course, Dan has to go to the more distant past to pursue the earlier traces of alien creatures in order to save all of this.

The timeline issue in the movie also laid the groundwork for the subsequent development of the sequel.

After rewriting the timeline to send the current soldiers to the future and completely preventing the end of the day, a time paradox has already been created.

What can you expect from "The Tomorrow War 2"?

Letting so many soldiers who know the future return to the present will naturally cause a lot of trouble.

Even this may completely change their destiny, and is more likely to affect the development of the entire timeline.

This can derive some villains or organizations that use the knowledge of the future and the intelligence of the alien creatures “Whitespikes” to trigger the second “Tomorrow War” or even the “War of the Day Before”.

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Judging from the director’s expectation for “The Tomorrow War 2”, it may also be a space-themed story to explain the origin of alien creatures “Whitespikes”.

What can you expect from "The Tomorrow War 2"?

Because the director said that they have done a lot of research on alien creatures, including their world.

How did they come to earth and the alien races that dropped these alien creatures, etc.

Even whether “Whitespikes” appeared on Earth was purposeful or unintentional, these can be written into many wonderful stories.

2.How likely is the launch of “The Tomorrow War 2”?

At present, Paramount Pictures and other co-producers have not formally approved the production of “The Tomorrow War 2,” but there is definitely a great possibility.

What can you expect from "The Tomorrow War 2"?

Moreover, it is said that due to the serious polarization of the current film reviews, the team still has considerable differences in the discussion of whether the sequel will be launched.

However, the film still surprised many critics and film media with its father-daughter plot from the heart and the director’s daring to take risks with science fiction concepts.

So this effect will cause some production work to be carried out at the same time as the discussion about whether to launch it.

What can you expect from "The Tomorrow War 2"?

That is to say, even if the producer will not officially announce the launch of “The Tomorrow War 2” before the end of 2021, the film producer may already be planning a sequel.

Especially considering the star appeal of Chris Pratt and the large number of streaming media that have formed for the first movie.

3.Approximate release time of “The Tomorrow War 2”?

If there must be “The Tomorrow War 2”, it will not be released for about two to three years.

What can you expect from "The Tomorrow War 2"?

Chris Pratt is still one of the biggest mainstream stars in the industry, and it will be busy in the past two years.

He also has the intense filming of “Thor: Love and Thunder” and “Jurassic World: Domination”.

It is estimated that “The Tomorrow War 2” can only start after he completes these projects in 2022.

What can you expect from "The Tomorrow War 2"?

So if Chris Pratt is still the main character, it is optimistic that “The Tomorrow War 2” will be released as early as the summer of 2024.

4.What will the cast look like?

If “The Tomorrow War 2” continues the original storyline, then Chris Pratt, J.K. Simmons and Sam Richardson will undoubtedly repeat their roles.

In addition, Betty Gilpin may return together as mother and daughter at the same time. Or there may be another young actress as Dan’s daughter when she was young.

What can you expect from "The Tomorrow War 2"?

The director also hinted: “The Tomorrow War 2” will pay more attention to aliens and their homes, so there will no doubt be other new actors joining.

But his also hinted that Chris Pratt’s Dan Forester and his surviving partners in this movie will indeed return.

He also said: With this cast, we have just started.

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