Looking forward to “The Killer”! Tilda Swinton joins David Fincher’s new film


According to foreign media, Tilda Swinton recently confirmed in an interview that the Netflix thriller “The Killer” will be directed by David Fincher and starred by Michael Fassbender.

“The Killer” is adapted from a series of novels of the same name written by Alexis Nolent.

Looking forward to "The Killer"! Tilda Swinton joins David Fincher's new film

The series of novels revolves around a cold-blooded assassin. The assassin begins to suffer a psychological crisis in a world without moral standards. The story is full of black atmosphere.

This time, David Fincher hired his old partner “Se7en” screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker to write the script.

“The Killer” may be launched in Paris in November.

It is worth noting that “The Killer” is part of the four-year contract renewed by David Fincher and Netflix.

A source said that David Fincher’s default for this film is a movie, not a film.

In David Fincher’s cognition, in his works, “Se7en” is a movie, and “Mank” is a film.

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