Filming of “Cocaine Bear” has ended successfully, and it is expected to be released in 2022!


The film “Cocaine Bear” adapted from a true story was successfully completed on October 16th, local time.

It only took more than a month for “Cocaine Bear” to start filming on August 22 and to finish.

For a Hollywood film, the shooting speed of “Cocaine Bear” can be said to be super fast.

Filming of "Cocaine Bear" has ended successfully, and it is expected to be released in 2022!

Chris Miller, the producer of the film, announced the finalization of “Cocaine Bear”.

He posted a studio photo on his social network. The photo shows the director’s chair of director Elizabeth Banks. The title and logo of the film are printed on the back of the director’s chair.

Judging from the logo, “Cocaine Bear” may have a hint of comedy.

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Miller said: “Congratulations to the entire Banks team and thanks to the Irish location for providing the perfect location.”

Although “Cocaine Bear” has completed the pre-shooting, the post-production work still takes time.

In Miller’s description, “Cocaine Bear” is described as a “character-driven, documentary-style film about modern American history”.

The original story of “Cocaine Bear” took place in 1985. A bear died in a national forest park due to an overdose of cocaine.

In the previous three months, drug dealer Andrew had dropped large quantities of drugs into the area from a plane.

Unfortunately, Andrew was caught in a parachute and fell to his death in the yard of a family in Knoxville, Tennessee.

And this black bear ate these “air-dropped” drugs and died due to overdose.

Later, the cocaine bear was later given to the Chattahoochee River National Forest Recreation Area and placed in the visitor center of the recreation area for exhibition.

Except for a small board, people can’t see any explanation about its particular source.

Now this black bear has become the main sight of Lexington, Kentucky.

“Cocaine Bear” is currently not released. According to media analysis, it is expected to be released in 2022.

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