“Dune” exposes the ultimate Chinese poster


The Hollywood science fiction blockbuster “Dune” directed by Dennis Villeneuve releases the ultimate Chinese poster.

An interstellar melee of the ultimate collision of light and darkness broke out.

The major casts also personally walked off Amway, giving reasons for having to watch “Dune” on the big screen.

“This is a magnificent adventure you have never seen before.”

"Dune" exposes the ultimate Chinese poster

“Dune” will be released in mainland China on October 22. It is currently on hot pre-sale, so don’t miss it.

The mysterious spice determines the future of the universe, and the forces of light and darkness are positive

The movie “Dune” is about the young hero Paul Atreides embarking on a journey of adventurous growth in Dune Star Wars.

The newly exposed ultimate poster presents a full-textured black and gold tone, as if the forces of light and darkness collide directly.

Their interpretation of the Atreides family, Fremen, Harkonnen, the family gathered on the mysterious sand dune planet.

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Wars are raging, who will control the ups and downs?

Behind everyone, the giant alien beasts sandworms showed a powerful oppressive force that swallowed everything.

The spice, a special product of the dune planet produced by sandworms, is shining brightly in the golden sand, showing a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere.

“Whoever controls spice controls the entire universe”.

"Dune" exposes the ultimate Chinese poster

This war originated from competition for spice resources, but it was about the future of the entire universe.

As the chosen person, Paul has a long way to go and is worth looking forward to.

The masters create a personal proof of the big screen must-see, giving you a magnificent wave you have never seen before

The entire project of “Dune” was designed for viewing on the big screen and IMAX screen from the first day.

The magnificent sci-fi images, magnificent sci-fi scenes, and poetic aesthetic style carry the beauty of the Hollywood sci-fi industry in this era.

"Dune" exposes the ultimate Chinese poster

“Dune” is bound to bring a double impact of vision and soul.

As director Denis Villeneuve said: “If you watch “Dune” on the TV at home, it’s like driving a speedboat in a bathtub.”

Many major casts have also appeared on the scene, proving that “Dune” is a must-see for the big screen.

Timothée Chalamet, who plays Paul Atreides, the son of the Chosen, said, “This is a magnificent adventure you have never seen before.”

Rebecca Ferguso, who plays Lady Jessica, recommends everyone to pay attention to the “realistic and visually impactful growth story.”

"Dune" exposes the ultimate Chinese poster

Jason Momoa, who plays the strongest warrior in the interstellar, has many wonderful action scenes in the film. In his eyes, “Dune” is a “big-produced action-adventure film” by a master director.

Sharon Duncan-Brewster, who plays the biologist Liet-Kynes, claimed, “I promise you will never be disappointed.”

Believe that this immersive big-screen visual feast will definitely open a magnificent sci-fi epic journey for you.

"Dune" exposes the ultimate Chinese poster

Hollywood science fiction giant “Dune” will be launched in Chinese theaters on October 22.

At present, the pre-sale of “Dune” in China has started, 2D, 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D, CGS China Giant Screen, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Cinema, CINITY and other formats are simultaneously released, so stay tuned.

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