“The Great Season 2” Exposure Poster, Elle Fanning Gorgeous Debut


On October 18th, “The Great Season 2” released its first poster, starring Elle Fanning in a gorgeous dress of the Queen of Russia, with a gorgeous crown on his head.

The other protagonist, Nicholas Hoult, became Elle Fanning’s “dresser under the skirt”, and the skirt bones also seemed to be a prison in which he was imprisoned.

"The Great Season 2" Exposure Poster, Elle Fanning Gorgeous Debut

As a historical drama series, “The Great” adapted the experience of the legendary Russian empress again, and also attracted Elle Fanning to join.

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As a sequel, the story of “The Great Season 2” will revolve around the rise of Catherine the Great, Gillian Anderson will play the role of the queen’s mother.

“The Great Season 2” is currently scheduled to be broadcast online on November 19.

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